Grain Free Eating Changed my Life

I did not suddenly get up one day and decide grain free eating was for me; no in fact my favourite breakfast consisted of oats!

It all started about a month ago when I visited my Doctor because I had generally not been feeling my best for a few months. Life had kicked us in the “you know what” and things were stressful. But as we visited my daughter (all grown up) for her birthday and I had a little piece of cake for dessert, I got a very nasty headache within an hour and felt hot and we had to go home.

I had put off seeing the Doctor because it sounded like an odd complaint, I can’t eat cake! But I went and she promptly ordered a glucose tolerance test.

This is where you fast overnight, and they take your blood then they give you a sweet drink and then take some more blood 2 hours later. I had come armed with books and magazines to pass the time, but when it got to the one hour point, I got that old familiar odd heat feeling in my face, top of my head felt pressure and my mouth tasted like I had drank vodka. I recognized this feeling although more intense in the test.

It passed and by the 2 hour point I actually felt better but a bit of a hangover effect. I was called back in and told I had Pre-Diabetes which means that I have a small window of opportunity to get this under control before Type 2 Diabetes sets in.

Grains Triggered the Same Response as Sugar for Me

The difference is that my fasting sugar was perfect, but two hours later it was still too high, so she said cut back on sweets and cut back on bread and see this dietitian and gave me the appointment.

I didn’t even eat sweets and only 2 slices of whole grain bread in a day, so I had a “moment” during that test that made me realize that that odd feeling had been a part of my day for a long time, it was just more intense with the sugar test.

I had been eating smaller snacks spaced out during the day to try and lose weight, but there was a grain each time with a protein and a veg. So I had been basically feeding this higher sugar level all day, and luckily overnight it corrected itself which is the difference between Pre-Diabetes and Type 2.

After much research and trial and error, it turns out that for me any grain was acting like pure sugar. It didn’t matter how much protein I added to the meal or snack, even just a small amount of any grain gave me that weird feeling.

Felt Clear Headed by Day 3

So, I made the decision to cut them out of my life along with potatoes which were not helping either. I missed them but on day 3 I woke up feeling more “clear headed” than I had in months.

I made the mistake on day 4 of my grain free eating to try a little bit of cooked oatmeal again but added a handful walnuts and made it with milk (I have no trouble with dairy) hoping the protein would offset it, and 45 minutes later that familiar heat, heart pounding and whooshing feeling came back.

Great Book – Worth Reading it will Surprise You with the Research

So, sad to say all grains are out of my life. I simply added more veggies and fruit especially berries and I did buy the book the “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis MD” and he talks in more depth about the wheat and grains and how they affect more and more people every day with ill health.

I have also found a bulk food store that stocks different types of flours such as almond flour and coconut flour. I have found recipes for muffins and breads that are good to have on hand if you are not quite ready to give up that feeling of a grain without actually getting any! You can get these ingredients online too.

My dietician was not impressed with me cutting out an entire food group but once I told her how I felt the same way as if being fed pure sugar, she helped me come up with an eating plan and it is not hard. Just eat many different sources of protein such as meat, tofu, nuts, eggs, dairy if you can handle it, and add lots of veggies to your day for the fiber. I can eat more fats without gaining weight now too.

Wheat Belly – I Read this Book cover to cover

I also can tolerate fruits such as apples and berries. I am feeling better and some weight has come off, so getting retested soon and hope that I kicked this Pre-Diabetes in the “you know what” for good. But this grain free eating is my new way of life. I was lucky enough to get an early warning; many do not, so listen to your body.