Grandmother, user manual

While many books explain how to be a good mom, difficult to find the manual of the perfect granny. Fortunately, here are some tips to become the idol of all his grandchildren …

There are over 7 million grandmothers in France! But being Grandma, it does not just happen! Here are our tips …

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren are often preferred, based on the exchange, conviviality, gentleness and pleasure. Complicity between them is often a good way to transmit values.

Invest now!

There is no secret, if you want to be recognized as a grandmother full, you must invest. Do not hesitate to offer when it comes to help for childcare, or solve organizational problems … The trap is not to become too intrusive. And attention to avoid criticism too negative on the education of children to mingle disagreements between parents … Always give neutral advice and constructive criticism …

Keep fit

Nothing like a granny takes active children cycling or long walks. So it is essential to keep fit. For this we must follow two principles: regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

Bet on meals

We all remember the recipes of our grandmothers, and the Sunday lunches are a treat. So do not hesitate to discuss your talents cordon bleu, you make a book of recipes that are always safe bets.

Manage the competition …

The problem is that your grandchildren have two grandmothers, and sometimes tend to compare (Mamie-tee, it is best cakes …). Needless to enter the bid to be elected number 1. Play your differences and your complementarity. And do not forget the cooperation and mutual assistance between senior … For your grandchildren, two grandmothers at the same time, it is better than one!

Become manual

Needless to flood your kids plastic toys or video games. Today hobby, scrapbooking and even knitting comeback. So no, you will not be cheesy if you clothes or items for your grandchildren (and do not forget your children by the way …), quite the contrary!

Connect with us!

Attention, it is not because you knit or do arts and crafts should not be techie so far! Send SMS to your grandchildren, take broadband and send emails to all the family. And why not create a blog to talk about your family?

Become a confidante

Grandchildren need an ear that can listen without judging them, and give them advice. Particular points they dare not discuss with their parents. Then you show up available.

Play the mediating

In the same vein as the confidante, your eyes outside the family unit and your knowledge of your children and grandchildren make you an ideal mediator to resolve conflicts and problems. In addition, you have the necessary experience to put things in perspective.