News Granite Is the Natural Stone of Choice for Your...

Granite Is the Natural Stone of Choice for Your Kitchen


Unless you are looking to have something in your kitchen that is made of diamonds, rubies or sapphires, you are most probably considering having a granite countertop. Granite countertops have been popular for a long time and continue to be so due to this natural stone’s extreme levels of resilience—a resilience that is also accompanied by its brilliant beauty. When choosing granite as your kitchen ambiance material, you are in good company. For centuries, people have been using a splash or large piece of granite to create magnificent public buildings, structures, and monuments of various kinds. Today, granite countertops are to be found in the most well-designed and thought-through private residences. A kitchen countertop or food preparation area that includes granite never looks dull and always fascinates a guest.

Why granite?

The positive qualities of granite are difficult to enumerate fully in a short article. One of the reasons that people choose to have granite countertops in their homes is that this stone is unpredictable. Found currently on all continents and exported for dozens of countries, granite comes in a multitude of textures, colors, patterns and what can only be described by the general word ‘feel’. Every piece of granite is unique—as unique as your kitchen, as unique as your household, and as unique as your family. As mentioned earlier, the resilience of a granite countertop to heat, stains, and scratching is fantastic and can be matched only by three precious stones. The important point here is that while granite is not considered to be a precious stone, it certainly does not lose in a competition with the likes of diamonds for the positive and warm ambiance that it brings into a kitchen, even as a little splash.

Would granite look good in my kitchen?

Granite Is the Natural Stone of Choice for Your Kitchen

The diversity of granite colors and textures means that you are bound to find the piece of granite that makes an excellent fit and perfect addition to your kitchen. How many colors are we talking about? Hundreds upon hundreds. How many textures? A universe. This is made possible by the fact that granite is made up of a number of minerals, such as quartz, the mixture of which in every new square foot of the stone has never existed before in history. Artificial stones come nowhere close to the energy that granite can add to a space—just imagine having in your kitchen one of those completely natural and durable granite countertops that one would only see in a home design magazine. And yet, the unique granite countertop can be a reality for your home. Take a close and personal look at granite countertops at your local seller of natural stones. You are bound to find the look and feel that would transform your kitchen as no other element has the capacity to do. This would not only create beauty, but enhance your home’s value in the very long term. Fall in love with granite – you will not ever regret it, guaranteed.

Our huge selection of stones at Pacific Shore Stones means you’ll get the Granite countertops that you’ve always wanted. Our Memphis facility houses an assortment of stones such as granite, travertine, marble, slate, soapstone, and onyx from around the world, including traditional core colors and extravagant exotics for those customers looking for stones as unique as their own designs. To know how granite countertops are installed, you may also visit Wikihow.

Granite Is the Natural Stone of Choice for Your Kitchen
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