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Granite Slabs for Beauty and Flexibility

When you think of stone used to build houses, many different minerals may come to mind. Some people will think of limestone while others will think of marble, however, many people, when asked what sort of stone they’ve seen most recently in a building, indoors or out, will answer that they have seen something made of granite. Granite slabs are one of the most common and popular choices for home and professional building design. What makes this natural stone so popular? There are a few factors that make it a worldwide, timeless favourite.

Natural Beauty

Granite slabs come in many colours and textures. Because it is a composite stone, many different minerals can combine to form a wonderful variety of spots, streaks, speckles and shades. No artificial colours or other additives are needed to give granite its unique, statement-making beauty. Granite can be quarried from many different places around the world, and each quarry yields stone with its own unique tone and personality, which makes it a delight to work with when designing a home, office or outdoor accent. Its natural beauty can be improved with different finishes, from high gloss to understated matte.

Timelessly Durable

Granite has been in use for buildings, artwork and outdoor sculpture for centuries. We know this because many centuries-old buildings, sculptures and decorations are still around today, and still as beautiful as the day they were made. Granite slabs do not fade or crumble as they weather. Instead they gain in beauty and character, making them more valuable as time goes by. Granite slabs are also prizes as work spaces and countertops because they are highly resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains. Professionals from chefs to leatherworkers use granite for its unmatched durability in high-impact areas.

Endless Applications

One reason so many people encounter granite buildings and decorations every day is because granite slabs can be used in many different rooms, from the personal to the professional. Granite can be used for countertops, tabletops, walls, floors, artwork, sculpture and many other uses. It can be found in the bathroom, serving as a backdrop for the shower, or in the garden, making a charming pathway between flowerbeds. Granite is lovely and practical in the kitchen, and makes a dramatic and beautiful statement in the living room or the dining room. You are limited only by your imagination!

Shopping for Inspiration

Granite slabs come in so many varieties that sometimes the best way to choose a piece for your home or garden is simply to visit a warehouse and see what they have available. Many stores have a discount or “as is” section, which is always an excellent place to check, especially if you are feeling budget conscious. Look at the slabs that come in the size you need, and choose a colour that works best for your home. If you have an idea in mind beforehand, that can be helpful, but it certainly isn’t necessary. Be open to inspiration and you’ll find the right stone.

Granite slabs are a great choice for your home renovation, and we at Pacific Shore Stones have a large selection of granite and other stones such as travertine, marble, slate, soapstone, and onyx from around the world. To find out what are the dimensions of a granite slab, visit eHow.com.

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