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Great Books for Kids Who Love Horses

Developed at a young age, the bond between a child and horsemanship can lead to lifelong interest. Varying pursuits of involvement with horses often begin with toys and books sparking an interest. The bond between horse and rider is unbreakable and the relationship is pure. Horses bring comfort, confidence and adventure.

When not at the barn, books can be an equestrian’s best friend. Not only are they engaging and entertaining, but learning about something you are passionate about is always fun. Consider these books as gifts for when your budding equestrian can’t be in the barn.

The Kingfisher Illustrated Horse & Pony Encyclopedia
By Sandy Ransford

This book features full color photographs and will lend itself to endless hours of browsing. Covering everything from horse bodies & breeds to hobbies & riding styles, this would be a terrific gift for the budding equestrian.

For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything You Want to Know About Horses
by Christina Wilson

Geared towards 8-11 year old girls who are into horses, this book is sure to please the budding horse enthusiast. Bringing them EVERYTHING they want to know– this book is full of facts and figures on horse breeds, bodies and hobbies. In addition to facts on the horse itself, this book also has a number of suggestions for horse themed parties and movies to watch.

Horse Games & Puzzles
By Cindy A. Littlefield

After they’ve mastered all the horse trivia they can handle, it’s time to put them to the test. Featuring Word Play, Picture Puzzles, Drawing, Logic and Brain Teasers Horse Games & Puzzles will keep horse lovers amused and engaged.

Horse Diaries Series
By Catherine Hapka, Whitney Sanderson, Jane Kendall, Patricia Hermes and Alison Hart

Younger readers may enjoy the “Horse Diaries” series. Book #1 is about Elska, an Icelandic filly — the story is told from her point of view and revolves around her interaction with her human, Amma, and the adventures they must go on to stay together.

There are ten books in this fantastic series featuring ten wonderful horses:

Elska the Icelandic filly
Bells Star the Morgan Colt
Koda the Bay Quarter Horse
Maestoso Petra the Lipizzaner Stallion
Golden Sun the Chestnut Snowflake Appaloosa
Yatimah the Arabian Filly
Risky Chance the Thoroughbred
Black Cloud the Mustang Colt
Tennessee Rose the Tennessee Walking Horse
Darcy the Connemara Pony

Wild Horse Lock and Key Diary
Now your young equestrian can have his or her very own horse diary, complete with lock and key. Let them spill their thoughts in this cool looking diary. Whether they ride horses or just love them, they are sure to love this. In keeping with an environmentally friendly concept, this diary is printed with vegetable based ink on recycled papers.

See more great gifts, Breyer Horse Toys & Collectibles for Horse Lovers.

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