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Great Content Have Stories: How A Dove Patch Inspired Women To Be Beautiful

People by default get turned off by content especially if it alludes to something irrelevant or uninteresting, right? You can’t even get decent content or at best take a look at it without giving your email address in exchange. Only to find out that it is not what you are looking for and that opting out from weekly newsletters is not as easy as clicking the link. I remember back in the day when pop up blockers were non-existent, you can’t even concentrate on reading something online because pop ups come every minute. Has this culture of information overload changed with the arrival of social media platforms?

Nope, I am not even giving you a lecture definition of social media platforms but will instead speak my mind out on what it should be. What comes to mind when you come across the word social? You’d probably say interaction, exchanging ideas, discussion, or a simple hi hello right? Well yeah, in the real world that is what people do. They mingle with each other and catch up. People sometimes want entertainment or relaxation in the company of friends and family. They simply tell their story no matter how insignificant or awesome it may be, because that is how people socialize!

People already thought about replicating actual socialization in a virtual world with electronic mail, forums, etc., Mark Zuckerberg took it to greater heights when he introduced features that allow people to mimic socialization in the real world on the Internet. Discoveries like these naturally attracted opportunists, I mean businesses, and see how they can capitalize on its success. That is when we started to see information guised as authentic and relevant being sent out 24/7 when in fact some of which are self-serving. They thought people that consume their content were information hungry beings able to digest everything in one sitting, not to mention conflicting versions of it.

Until recently, they noticed how people respond to specific content. In particular, content that tells a story, content that does not focus on their products or services but on people who patronize it. They saw how people value and talk about experiences more than product benefits. They learned that people like to share how it empowered them more than anything else. I was lucky enough to spot one of these on YouTube of all places. Well, actually it has been existing for quite some time now on Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Google, and of course on YouTube.

I don’t know if you noticed recently of YouTube, they have been running this ad clip for the past week or so. It appears as a short clip prior to viewing your desired video. It’s the DOVE ad entitled Patches. I like to make it clear that I am not in any way affiliated with Dove or anyone that has something to do with this ad. I just happened to dig deeper. Do me a favor and watch the clip and tell me why you think it was a good ad or not? To view the Ad click –> HERE

Personally, I think this is great content because it delivered a clear message to women that “beauty is not a source of anxiety” but is a “state of mind”. It is very powerful if you think about it for a second. It was cleverly conceptualized and delivered. No wonder it got 20M views and counting for the past week it started to air on YouTube.

Is the culture of information overload on social media platforms changing? I would definitely say “it has arrived” and I would love to see more content that actually draws from our emotion rather than stuff us with what we already know. I’d rather see content that encourage other people to share their experiences and be empowered by it. If you want to come up with great content…tell a story. Tell your story!

Video Credits:
Dove: Patches shared via DoveUnitedStates channel on YouTube

Photo Credit:

Marina’s Portrait II by Dimitris Papazimouris on Flicker is licensed under Creative Commons CC-NC-SA 2.0

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