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Great Dog Crates for Great Danes: Large, Extra Large & XXL Dog Crates

Are you Looking for Dog Crates Big Enough for a Great Dane?

Below, is a great range of different types of quality dog crates all in GIANT, large, extra large & XXL sizes big enough to even cater for some of even the largest Great Danes. You are sure to find the perfect dog cage for your beloved Great Dane.

#1 PetEdge X-Large Wire Dog Crate (Folding)

This Giant crate appeal easy wire crate made by Pet Edge is an incredibly popular model & comes at a very affordable price (X-Large, around the $100 mark, obviously the recommended crate size for a great dane). It measures by 48 inches in length, 30 inches wide and 33 inches in height (so pretty huge) and can be folded down, fully collapsible for easy storage & for traveling.

The door works on a dual latch system to keep your dog secure & also comes with a removable divider if needed and includes a slide out floor tray for easy cleaning (weighs approximately 38 lbs). Lots of owners with Great Danes use this wire dog crate and love it, getting a rating over 90% (sourced from amazon.com). In all, a very decent crate which comes at a very affordable price. ‘Tremendous value’ for money. Another, very popular and highly rated double door wire dog crate to consider for your Great Dane is the model produced by Midwest, certainly worth checking out.

#2 NOZTONOZ Soft Dog Crate (Soft Sided) N-42

If you want to get your Great Dane a soft dog crate, then look no further than the truly excellent noz2noz soft sided indoor & outdoor dog crate (N-42) that both you and your dog will absolutely love. It’s incredibly popular! Which is perfectly understandable given the insane value for money it offers you — rating: 88% (from over 500 reviews, amazon.com) — and don’t worry the N-42 size is more than big enough to cater for your Great Dane (they specifically recommend it for Great Danes).

The advantages of this sage green soft dog crate over hard heavy duty ones is that its completely safe for your dog, no sharp parts or rigid aspects can hurt your pet and provides good ventilation for your dog. Also, cleaning isn’t any issue either, since it is covered with a water & odor resistant base — you can wipe up any waste with a stain and odor remover (as well as damage to your home decor).

It has two doors, both fitted with heavy duty zippers and locking mechanisms in place to secure your dog in. Furthermore, it is incredibly simple to set up as it is collapsible — basically fold it down section by section. Easily, my favorite crate at just under $150.

#3 MidWest Collapsible Dog Crate (Foldable)

A Great Crate for a Great Dane. This wire mesh dog crate has been the go to model for Great Dane owners for years and is specially designed for dogs who are in excess of 125 lbs — as seen in many of the reviews, you will be able to get in with him/her if you wanted.

Rating: 84% (sourced amazon.com) ‘Great Dane Proof!’

They are structurally very sound with a secure corner pin design and made with a tough ABS plastic pan. It has two doors, from a side panel and frontal, both can be secured with locks (so is completely escape proof) & like #1 and #2 is completely collapsible. It serves as the perfect home or traveling accessory to keep your best friend safe.

Dimensions: 54’L x 37’W x 45’H | Weight: 76 lbs

#4 DenHaus XL Wood Dog Crate End Table

If you fancying investing in a wooden Great Dane Dog Crate then you are a bit limited on options, but the best of the bunch is definitely the DenHaus TownHaus XL Indoor Dog house that also doubles up as an end table. Specifically, the extra large crate caters for a dog height of up to 31 inches (paws to chin), length of up to 37′ (shoulder to rear) and up to 150 lbs in weight (most Great Danes should come within these specifications, unless you have a particularly large male).

Rating: 82% (sourced amazon.com)

It comes in both espresso & a mahogony finish (choose whichever best suits your home decor) with antique style brass hardware and can be easily put together in a matter of less than 10 minutes or so. Dimensions: 41 x 34 x 26 inches | Weight: 120 pounds. An expensive piece, but you get what you pay for — an all round quality piece of wooden dog crate furniture.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of dog crates for Great Danes then please be sure to make them below. Moreover, if you have found this article to be helpful or useful at all, please give it a like (heart) or share.

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