Great Gifts for Beer Lovers

Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

Listed below are five great gifts for beer lovers, beer drinkers and beer crafters. From those who love microbrew and homebrew to those who love Miller, Coors and Heineken– they all have a passion for the water, malt, yeast and hops mixed together in perfect chemistry. The items below celebrate and facilitate the beer lover’s passion.

Mr. Beer Beer Brewering Kit

This beer brew kit is terrific introduction to brewing, this includes everything needed to brew 4 gallons of beer. Even the novice can become master of his or her own craft beer.

The kit includes:
(1) Fermenter
(8) Plastic Bottles, Screw Caps & Labels
(2) Different Beer Starters, to produce 2 gallons each

Introduce someone to a hobby that may last a lifetime.

Personalized Wooden Beer & Wine Carrier

When it’s time to share the brew, let your brewer do it in style. This individually created wooden beer tote can be customized with the name of the brewer or his or her favorite microbrewery. Rustic and unique, 1-inch thick pine wood is crafted together without glue, nails or screws.

Chillsner Beer Chiller

Whether it’s microbrew or Miller, no one likes warm beer! These in-bottle beer chillers keep your beer lover’s beer cold until the last drop. Freeze for about 45 minutes before use, take a few sips off the top of your beer, insert into the bottle and drink your cold beer through the chillsner. Slow down and enjoy that craft brew.

Also available to chill wine.

Craft Beer Sampler Glass Set

Be it beer tasting or football game drinking, this glass set will have beer fanatics and social drinkers talking. Each distinct species of beer has its own glass—Classic Pilsner, English Pub, Belgian Ale, Craft Pub, Porter/Stout, Wheat Beer. These glasses range in size between 12 oz and 22 oz, are made in the USA and are dishwasher safe. This collection is a great starter or addition for any beer lover and makes an easy gift for a bachelor, birthday, holiday or housewarming.

“No Working During Drinking Hours” Vintage Sign

We have working hours—and then we have drinking hours… let’s not mix the two. Any beer lover is bound to love this hanging in their man cave, garage or kitchen.