Great Grilling Tools Equal a Great Gift

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Looking for a great gift? Do you know of an amateur chef who favorite food is barbecue? If so look no further than giving the gift of grilling tools. There are many handsome sets available that any cook would just love to own. There are sets with just a few items and others with every tool imaginable. So what do you really need and what will you really use? Here are some tips to get you started.

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Must Have Tools:

Tongs: Long handled stainless steel tools that are sturdy and durable with no cheap springs or chrome bolts and nuts. You will use these often to turn and toss meat. Tongs are also used to take meat off and on the grill and to dip in sauces or breading. Using the right tongs makes any grilling task easier and safer.

Spatula: Long handled stainless steel with a large flipper end that is also made from stainless. The end that you slip under the food should be sharp and thin to easily slide the spatula under the food to get a good balance of the hot food on the spatula.

Fork: Long handled stainless steel two prong fork makes for poking and testing the meat an easy task. Look for sharp long prongs that easily pierce the meat.

Basting Brush: Long handled stainless steel brush with silicone bristles which is used for basting the food and adding sauce during the grilling process… This is another tool that you will use often and it should be of the highest quality to make your job easier. Silicone bristles stay attached to brush and do not come off on the hot food. They are also the easiest to clean and keep germ free. They can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

Hot pads or barbecue mitts: These items protect your hands, wrists, and forearms from the heat of the fire. There are ones available made from silicone which are great added protection from the heat.

The above are just of the few the tools available but they are the tools that are used the most and the ones that are considered to be essential for your grilling arsenal.


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Great Grilling Tools Equal a Great Gift, Seekyt
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