Great Home Remedies for Back Pain – Avoid Medications By Following These Great Tips!

Not all of us are comfortable visiting the family doctor or taking medication in order to relieve the back pain we are experiencing, which means for those in this position, knowing great home remedies for back pain relief becomes critical knowledge. Many home remedies for back pain relief have been shown to provide some measure of pain relief in people, so knowing several options and using each in a combination of therapy can be an effective means of limiting your pain. Here are some great home remedies for back pain relief:

Garlic is Awesome!

When it comes to great home remedies for back pain, nothing may be more beneficial or as versatile as garlic. Taking two or three cloves by mouth every morning (get the pills, because actually eating the garlic cloves does terrible things to your breath) every day has been shown to help with pain management. Preparing a strong garlic oil can also help relieve pain and you can easily make your own at home. Just use 1/2 cup of any cooking oil you have in the house and let about 10 cloves of garlic simmer in it until the garlic gloves are golden brown. Let the oil cool down, and then you’ve got one of the best home remedies for back pain when that oil gets rubbed into your sore muscles!

Nothing Is a Substitute for Rest

When it comes to good home remedies for back pain, nothing is really a substitute for just shutting everything down for awhile and resting your back. The abuse our backs take each and every day from lifting, twisting, and using terrible posture builds up over time and eventually, just like everything else that gets tired, it needs to take a break. So if you can spare a few minutes from your busy lifestyle and find a nice, comfortable place that will allow you to rest and relax, then you will be doing yourself wonders.


Just like a nice massage can help relieve stress, tension, and built up waste products in your muscles, stretching is one of the great home remedies for back pain because it does the same thing and you can do it on your own. Whether you use formal stretching techniques like Yoga to accommodate your stretching requirements or you simply like to experiment and do some on your own, remember that a healthy stretch does not put added stress, tension, or pain into your already sore areas. Not only can routine stretching relieve your pain, but it can also make you more flexible and it can even possibly increase your metabolism! That’s why stretching a one of the great home remedies for back pain.

There are many other home remedies for back pain out there because individual results will always vary – it is simply important to find the right home remedy for you that will bring you the greatest relief possible and then continue utilizing it to fight off your back pain.