Great Ideas – Living With Pets in a Small Space Apartment

Great Ideas – Living With Pets in a Small Space Apartment

You’ve just moved into a new, yet small space, apartment, and are considering getting a small dog or cat to share that space with you. Or perhaps you already live in one and are thinking of adopting a pet from your local animal shelter. The first step to take is to make sure your apartment complex allows pets. Many do allow cats; some have weight restrictions on dogs. Most require an additional pet security deposit. Once you have cleared these hurdles, it’s time to think about what will and won’t work with having a pet in a small space apartment.

You need to evaluate the amount of space you do have – will it be enough to accommodate you and your pet? If your pet is a small dog, you want to be sure he has a bit of run around room. With a cat, you need room for a litter box. For both, perhaps, a pet bed and toys. Pets are not known for picking up and putting away their toys; something else to keep in mind.

Cats make perfect apartment pets – a place to sleep and relax, a litter box, a few toys – their needs are few. Just remember, if there are balconies and open windows around, you’ll need to have secure screens so the cat doesn’t get out accidentally! Cats, especially, can adapt easily to being alone during the day if you go out to work. About ten minutes of play a day with a cat suits it’s playtime needs. He’ll be content to be by your side when you are home, and sleep when you’re not. A cat doesn’t need much in the way of socialization. They usually aren’t noisy, which is important if you don’t want your pet to be a nuisance to the neighbors. Make sure you have a scratching post and teach your cat to use it – don’t allow him to scratch on apartment closet doors or cabinet doors.

Dogs are more difficult in small space apartments. It is harder for them to adapt to a small amount of room to walk around and play in. Dogs are more sociable, and may cry during the day when you are off to work. Unless you work from home, and can keep your pup company most of the time, and are available to take him for walks, a dog may end up being more trouble to keep in a small space apartment then it’s worth. They need daily exercise and company. Some breeds are better suited for apartment life than others. You need to do your research on this if your heart is set on having a dog.

Some people think birds make perfect apartment pets, yet they can also be loud and annoying to neighbors. Birds also need care; their cages kept clean, and fresh food and water made available. Do some research to find the best birds for apartment living if you decide you would appreciate the chatter of a talking bird, or the music of songbirds.

The easiest apartment pets are the smallest homes – fish, hamsters, or mice. With hamsters or mice you can contain them in cages. They can have feeders that supply food for days at a time, along with water bottles, making it easier for you if you are away from your apartment from time to time.

Whatever pet you consider, do some research, and make sure you pick the perfect pet to share your small space apartment. A cat or a dog can live for years – some cats can even live over twenty years! Make sure they are spayed or neutered. Keep in mind there is a lifetime of expense for these pets – from shots, to flea treatment. They are a lifetime commitment. With that in mind, enjoy the pet you choose! Especially if you are single, having your cat or small dog greet you when you come home each day is indeed rewarding.