Great Lego Idea's All Year

Our legos one of your past times? And you would like to get back into building your lego collection well you now have a great way to get the most out of your legos, I personally never thought that legos could be so exciting now to play with I went to the Lego store at Summer Set Mall close to my house and let me tell you there is now a lot to do at the lego store that I never knew about there are some great lego ideas that I found.

For Halloween they had a lot of great lego sets at the store they were a little expensive but would be a grand idea for a birthday present or to but on display for Halloween. No matter the occassion legos are always exciting.

Did you also know that now they have lego building contest and they have mini lego contests which is very cool and a great way to show off your skills and a great hobby. It might be an expensive hobby but its a lot of fun to see what kind of lego sets they will be coming out with every month and that is what acturally has my interest is the monthly lego’s.

When I was a kid I was always building with legos and had a great time showing off my masterpieces, but now they have some sweeter legos I would like to buy the whole store so that I had a new lego to build everyday.

I forgot how cool lego sets were and the improvements they have, Star wars has a huge market of legos, I am not even a large star wars fan but it would be exciting to build starwars characters. The Mini legos was my favorite probably because they fit the best in my budget but they also seemed the easiest to make.

Another thing that really amazed me was that they have legos for each skill set so you can start out slow if you wanted to and work your way to a big lego project. If you want to see what legos they will be coming out with you can get the lego store calender or the lego magizine to stay updated on all the new legos that will be coming out. I think that they have a set of legos for every season and Halloween lego’s are the most fun.