News Great Storage Ideas for a Small Space Teenage Bedroom

Great Storage Ideas for a Small Space Teenage Bedroom


Great Storage Ideas for a Small Space Teenage Bedroom

Teenagers typically have lots of ‘things’ that need storage in their bedrooms. If your teenager has a small space bedroom, storage space can feel practically non-existent. There are ways to increase storage space in a teenager’s small space bedroom that will still give your teen some room to move around in, and can fit in well with almost any teen decor.

What is the one item that usually takes up a good deal of room in any bedroom? The bed, of course. Because a bed is a necessity, no matter how small the bedroom, one solution is a bed that does double or triple duty, such as a space saving loft bed. These allow room for desks or dressers underneath, built in or separately. Depending on the size of the room, a loft bed can even be between two walls, with a layer of support underneath.

A loft bed with a built in desk or computer station underneath works great in a small space teenage bedroom. Add one with a built in dresser, and you’ve got a three in one bed set! This is a great space saver as well as having the dresser drawers for storage. There are some that also have wardrobes underneath, along with a trundle bed for extra sleeping space for overnight guests. A loft bed can be a practical solution for a small space bedroom that needs room for storage for your teenager. Another idea is a modular wall style arrangement with a fold out bed built into a wall unit that includes cabinets, closets, desks and shelves that all go against one wall. This also allows for storage as well as making great use of the small space available.

Panel beds and office combos work great for the teen who needs a computer area in the bedroom. Many contemporary bed/office combos are available that can be styled to a teen’s desire, and once the teen has grown up and left home, these combos can be used to convert the room into an office if desired. Underbed storage racks work well with a standard bed in giving extra storage in a small space teen bedroom. Beds with several drawers already built in underneath are an alternative to fitting a dresser in a small space bedroom for a teen.

Other ways to add extra storage space in a teen’s bedroom include adding decorative brackets and shelves to the walls – you can add as many or few as are needed. These can be used for a teen’s items on display, along with providing extra storage room. Add extra rods for hanging clothes in a closet, and extra shelving units in the closet, too. Colorful storage bins in the bedroom, and a bulletin board on the wall can be included for extra storage room. Any of these furnishings can be decorated in whatever theme your teenager desires, making the teen’s small space bedroom a great refuge for your teen

Great Storage Ideas for a Small Space Teenage Bedroom
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