Great technology after the Riots and Looting in Britain

The technology is now so advanced that there is a new creation the computer cop. It was amazing how soon the rioters and looters were caught purely because of all these new technologies.

In Birmingham, a police van with built-in giant screen showing images of rioters. These images were sent to BBC Crimewatch trying to catch the guilty ones.

The technology is now so far ahead that people with hoods and or wearing face-masks or scarves can be shown without. Therefore they are easily identifiable. The CCTV network can sent images as clear as crystal. The roadside cameras can pick-up number plates of stolen cars or cars involved in crime scenes and send them to the nearest police station of police patrol within five seconds.

The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) is leading the way in the latest technology. There is a wealth of information on laptops, mobiles, sat-naves, loyalty cards, PlayStations, voicemails and texts which can be downloaded. Apparently, during the riots they confiscated devices which were a treasure chest for the investigating detectives.

A newly developed mobile fingerprinting devices can within two minutes identify the fingerprints from a database called IDENTI. These devices are now used by 28 different police forces.

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The BlackBerry which was thought to be safe from phone hacking and used by gangs, the computer cops were able to intercepted.

So, watch out ‘Big Brother’ is watching you. It is comforting for the decent people to know they are as safe as could be. The criminals and guilty minds are resenting all these computer law enforcements and digital photographs.

Technology is now so advanced that Greg Martin from Texas was able to install a tracking device. When his laptop was stolen from his girlfriend’s flat; he activated the device. He soon had to fly abroad on business. In spite of that he was able to pinpoint the location. He then watch the thief through he webcam on his mobile phone. When the suspect locked on to facebook site, it gave the identity. Mr Martin informed the police.

Mr Martin stated later that he felt shocked when he saw the guy’s face. He stated further that he could only do this because he spent all his working life in computer security.

I am sure the criminals must be cursing the technology but for decent people it helps to catch them in record time. It also delivers clear digital photographs with which the suspect can hardly argue or deny the crime.

The Bobby (Policeman) on the street is still necessary but to arrest a suspect in the shortest possible time can only result from the work of computer cops and can only be done with advanced technology.