Great Uses for a Tarp

It seems like such a simple piece of equipment, but having a tarp can be a very useful thing. If you own one, you almost certainly have used it a time or two, and probably for more than one different purpose. There are likely ways you can use your tarp that you have not even thought of. If you are looking for a great deal on an industrial tarp, then Tarps Now is a great place to look. If you don’t understand how useful tarps are or are simply looking for different ways to use them, then here are some ideas.




A tarp can be a great tool as an emergency tent if you ever need one. If you enjoy hiking or being outdoors and have ever found yourself stranded, then you probably remember how miserable you were not having a tent. All you need is an industrial tarp and some rope. If you tie the rope between two trees or similar objects, then you can drape the tarp over it and give yourself some protection from the elements. Sure, it isn’t going to be as roomy or comfortable as a real tent, but it is going to offer you a great deal more protection than you would have with nothing.




You can also use the tarp as a way to protect yourself from the sun. It can be great for a picnic or anytime you are outside and the sun is in your eyes. Alternatively, it can also help protect you from wind or rain. If you have children, this can be especially helpful as they tend to be more sensitive to weather elements than adults do. With just a couple of things you have lying around your house, you can turn your industrial tarp into the perfect sun shade.


Picnic Blanket


Using a tarp as a blanket for a picnic can be perfect. For one thing, it is something that is very easy to clean up and something you don’t have to worry about staining. They are also often large so there is room for several people to sit. This way you don’t have to worry about ruining one of your good blankets or getting grass stains from sitting directly on the ground. You could also use it on the floor of your tent or any other time you would like to have some sort of barrier between yourself and the ground.




Almost everyone has experienced a time when they have been caught in the rain with little to no protection. You can use scissors or a knife to cut a couple of holes for your head and arms, and you will have the perfect way to stay dry. The rain will slide right off of you and that will keep you warm, dry, and happy. Your clothes won’t get wet either which will help prevent them from getting moldy and also keep you from getting uncomfortable or cold.


These are just a few of the many possible uses for an industrial tarp. Really, the possibilities are quite endless, and it is something nearly anyone could benefit from.