Green Calcite: How To Use For Effortless Prosperity

Even though this article is about green calcite, I want to give you a little background information about calcite, which is also known as Iceland Spar.

Calcite happens to be a soft mineral that can be un-compacted in the form of chalk, or it can be heated and in the form of marble. It is very common and comes in a variety of colors ranging from green, red, yellow, blue and orange.

Use It To Bring Power To Your Work

It is considered to be a stone that centers, protects and grounds. It may be used to help with your creativity, your imagination, and to bring about your inner peace. And since its properties or so strong, whatever you use it for will be doubled in strength.

People use it to also help with their intuition and spirituality, but you may also use it to aid in freeing yourself from fear and reducing stress. In fact it is an excellent cleanser when it comes to releasing and clearing negative energies. So think about putting it in a room that needs to be cleared of any negative vibrations or negative energies.

It Is Considered To Be A Money MagnetGreen Calcite Gemstone

Now green calcite can also be used for stability, centering and grounding. But you can use it to bring increases in prosperity, your business and all types of fertility.

And because it is a great amplifier and it cleanses a wide variety of energies… lots of people use it to double and increase the power of their money and opportunities.

It is considered to be a money magnet and some even call it a prosperity stone. Either way, it is said to return to you, two-fold on anything you give out. It literally draws prosperity and wealth to your front door.

Carry It With You To Bring About Effortless Prosperity

Green calcite may also be used in eliminating your old and stubborn beliefs, and could help with forgiveness and emotional releasing of anger and fear, by bringing balance to your mind. It is said to help you move from a negative environment to a positive environment.

There are several ways in which you can use the green calcite to draw effortless prosperity to you. You can carry it around in a drawstring pouch, you can put it under your pillow, you can leave it in its box in a room (with lid open), you can wear it as a piece of jewelry or you can burn green candles placed around it every morning for about 10 minutes.

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