Green Lipped Mussel Powder Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are required for our health, but our bodies cannot make them – therefore we have to get them through the foods that we eat.

We know these essential fatty acids as omega-6 and omega-3, and although they are essential, they have different effects on us – here are some notes to consider:

· These fatty acids play a big part on inflammation in our body.

· Omega-6 especially comes from vegetable oils, and has a tendency to increase inflammation

· Omega-3 especially comes from fish oil – with the New Zealand green lipped mussel becoming known as another excellent source.

· Omega-3 is known to decrease body inflammation.

· The typical diet is very imbalance between omega-6 and omega-3 – instead of having a ratio where omega-6 is around 2 times greater, it tends to be more than 15 times greater.

Excess Body Inflammation And Health

Many of our health problems come from excess inflammation and fat in our blood. Included among these are heart disease and joint problems. Diet is a big contributor to this happening. We know the problem comes from all the ‘bad fats’ that are consumed, but even an essential fatty acid like omega-6 can cause inflammation.

Consequently, a way to inhibit or decrease inflammation is important. Not from anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines used for treatment after the problem occurs – but through diet or supplementation in an attempt to prevent the excess from occurring.

In order to do this, reducing the amount of omega-6 and increasing the omega-3 is an important dietary change that can be made. You can replace all the vegetable oils with olive oil or coconut oil to decrease omega-6, and you can start eating fish a couple times per week, like the American Heart Association recommends, to increase omega-3.

This will help, but you can do more – you can maximize the amount of omega-3 that is safe to take daily by supplementing with green lipped mussel powder.

Fish Oil Omega-3 Or Green Lipped Mussel Powder Omega-3

Chances are you have heard of fish oil omega-3; it has been highly recommended as a supplement for a long time. Science has shown it to be beneficial – by reducing inflammation and triglycerides in the blood, you will be able to improve your heart health, including:

· Decreasing high LDL cholesterol

· Decreasing risk of stroke

· Decreasing risk of dying from a heart attack.

Additional benefits have been found for:

· Relief of pain for joint problems and arthritis

· Menstrual pain

· ADHD in children

· Depression

The thing to recognize is that these health benefits come from omega-3, and fish oil is not the only source. A question arises: are there other sources of omega-3 that could add to the benefits of fish oil?

Green Lipped Mussel Powder Benefits

There is a study done by Dr. Howard Peiper, author of ‘The Truth About Fish Oil’, where he says that green lipped mussel powder has such a rare combination of fatty acids including omega-3, that is far more effective than the omega-3 from salmon oil.

So, you can get your omega-3, and without getting real ‘sciency’ about that ‘rare combination’, you also get ETA. This is important for metabolizing ALA into EPA – which is to say, getting a higher amount of one of the fatty acids that omega-3 gives you.

Besides essential fatty acids from mussel powder – are there any other health benefits available?


And this is really what is so special about green lipped mussel powder. It is a great source of omega-3 and essential fatty acids – but because of a very unique nutrient profile, making the mussel one of the most complete ‘whole foods’ known, there are other important benefits.

The mussel powder also includes glycosaminoglycans – these include chondroitin and glucosamine sulfates, which are important for joint health, and are used in relieving pain from inflamed joints and arthritis.

· Essential fatty acids and a great source of omega-3

· Glycosaminoglycans

· Important nutrients for reducing inflammation and relieving joint pain

· All coming from a natural food source

· with no side effect problems for those not allergic to shellfish

Green lipped mussel powder is an example of a nutritional health supplement. This means that it is made from a natural whole food source, instead of something that is manufactured with ingredients that our body may not find as healthy.

In my website, Nutritional Health And Fitness, I further discuss the green lipped mussel anti-inflammatory properties and their benefits for middle age joint problems and arthritis.

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