Green Ninja Costume

For the longest time all my son could talk about was dressing in a cool green ninja costume for Halloween. This idea seriously captured his imagination and he simply would not let it go.

I am not sure why this really surprised me. Particularly since we spent the better part of an hour watching Ninjago, the smash hit LEGO based cartoon, each night before bedtime.

Despite the fact that the Ninjago storyline was created for kids, it was actually enjoyable; almost fun to watch and it even lead to a few really good conversations about doing the right thing even when times get tough.

With all this in mind, we sat out to find the coolest green ninja costume for him to wear trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

With the massive popularity of Ninjago, you would have thought that there would be at least one officially licensed Ninjago Halloween costume available for sale.

You would be, however, completely wrong.

There are a few awesome costumes; just none that were licensed by LEGO. One of the things we looked for was costumes that were more or less solid colors.

We did not want a bunch of things that made the costumes look flashy or over-the-top!

Luckily for us, we found the following green ninja costume:

Green Ninjago Costume

In the end, we actually settled on this fun ninja costume. Currently available in red, white, black, blue, and green these ninja Halloween costumes are the closest thing we could find to represent the outfits worn by Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole and Lloyd.

Each one comes complete as a full body, solid color jumpsuit that features a black sash and belt finely screen printed onto the front. Each costume also includes a cool little lion print along the sash. Since my son wanted to dress as the green ninja, we obviously went with the green suit.

To round out the perfect Ninjago costume, it is important to buy some type of sword or weapon for your kid to carry around. There are a few officially licensed Ninjago weapons but they are rather pricey. As such, we went with a slightly more affordable sword (as pictured).

Finally, we added a pair of solid black shoes and he was ready to Spinjitzu his way around the block!