Green Tea Extract – Improves Wellbeing and Vitality

What is Green Tea?

Green Tea Extract – Improves Wellbeing and Vitality

Green tea extract is being marketed in many countries as having a lot of benefits and it is being considered to be effective for a number of medical reasons including weight loss. But how many of those claims are true? Is green tea extract really that effective?

All about green tea

What is Green Tea?
Green tea is the name given to the tea formed from the Camellia Sinensis Chinese plant leaves and this tea has a number of medical benefits and health advantages for the person who drinks the tea moderately.

Green Tea Leaves

What is Green Tea Extract?
When the Camellia Sinensis Chinese plant leaves are used to derive a herbal extract, the substance is known as green tea extract. Green tea extract is being used for a number of things – as food additives to ensure that food remains fresh and also as an alternative antioxidant.

What is Significant about Green Tea Extract?

Green Tea Extract – Improves Wellbeing and Vitality

Green tea extract mainly contain green tea catechins also known as flavinoids. These flavinoids are carriers or antioxidants which make green tea extract significant for health related issues. Anti oxidants are known for providing the body with a defense against free radicals which can cause cancer and aging.

Green Tea Extracts – Types

There are four main types of green tea extracts: Strong Infusion, Soft Extract, Dry Extract and Partly Purified Extract. For strong infusions the green tea leaves are soaked in a solution of alcohol. Soft infusions on the other hand are produced by further concentrating strong infusions.

When soft infusions are dehydrated and to extract powder, they form dry extract with much higher catechin content. Further purifying the dry extract and solvent extraction leads to a higher content of tea catechins in the form of partly purified extracts.

In this regard, green tea extracts actually have a higher anti-oxidant content than vitamin C which is pretty much a popular high anti-oxidant content substance. This is why green tea extract have powerful health benefits and anti oxidant properties.

Green Tea Extract Uses

Green tea extracts are commonly used as food additives because they have the ability to preserve food in their freshest state owing to the anti oxidant properties of the green tea extracts which are quite high. From meats to vegetables and from fish oil to food emulsions, green tea extracts can keep anything fresh and good as new.

Green tea extracts are also a popular method of deodorizing when they are used as dyes and also to save foods and beverages from any microbial contamination. There are some green tea extract side effects and they can cause harm and complications when used in higher amounts as a food supplement.

Hand Picking Green Tea

Green Tea Extract – Improves Wellbeing and Vitality

Green Tea Summary

The benefits of green tea extract are numerous and they are considered to be one of the most amazing leaves in nature. They have anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which are useful in so many ways. But care should be taken when using green tea along with other medications and herbs and when used for cancers and other similar medical ailments.