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Greenest Malls In Metro Manila

Malls are among the most frequented places by a lot of people in Metro Manila. Unfortunately, many of these people prefer walking around a mall than to spend time in a park because of the conveniences brought about by malls and the lack of good parks to go to.

The compromise is that many shopping malls in the Philippines are now being designed such that they have that park feel and they have space allocations for places to walk around aside from the shops and restaurants. A lot of people are developing a preference for such malls that are greener and more family-friendly. Below are some of the greenest malls in Metro Manila.

• Trinoma. Ayala Center continued its trademark green and park-like atmosphere with the Trinoma mall in Quezon City. This mall features a huge alcove in front where most of the restaurants are located. The area around the central garden are not enclosed and do not have any air conditioning. The garden serves as a relaxing place for mall goers to walk around and spend time eating and chatting. Kids playing around the garden and the fountains are common sights in the open spaces in front, testament to how many families have taken the practice of going to the mall and providing a day out to their kids at the same time.

• SM North. One of the oldest malls in the Philippines, this mall has reinvented itself from being a cold, grey, walled-in structure to a more open and relaxing environment. Its green space is elevated and provides a welcoming atmosphere. The garden is an effective sanctuary from the busy streets below and there are also restaurants and cafes in the garden. Just a few steps away from the Trinoma mall, SM North has definitely tried hard to keep up and provide the same green and relaxing atmosphere to its patrons.

• Greenbelt Mall. This mall in the Ayala Center in Makati proudly has the word ‘green’ in its name and it is not mere coincidence. Long before ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ were words associated with malls, Greenbelt has forged its own path and provided an environment that is unlike any other mall in Metro Manila. This mall effectively utilizes natural light and veered away from the heavy use of air conditioners typical of malls by incorporating the concept of outdoor shopping. Another notable feature in this mall is its central garden. Back when the Greenbelt Mall was the newest mall, a garden in a mall is unheard of until other malls followed suit.

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