Greeting Card Tips

Whatever occasion there is – birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine’s— greeting cards are your no-fail gift option. Even though they are one of the sincerest gifts a person can give. This is a living proof of the cliché that when it comes to gifts: it’s the thought that really counts.

Reports say that around90% of U.S. households use greeting cards. That’s how powerful greeting cards are. If you are having difficulties in designing and distributing these, here are some tips that can help you:

• Plan a design. Visualize how you want your design to look like. List what impression you want to your readers to have when they see it. Know what mood or theme to use, and what message you want to send to the recipient of the greeting cards.

• Browse for samples. After planning your design, you can browse online or go to a stationery or book stores to check greeting card samples. Observe the colors, layout, images, graphics and text used. Compare different approaches and decide which one you will go for. Use all of the information you have gathered for inspiration when you design your own.

• Add a personal touch. The strength of greeting cards is that they are capable of touching the emotions of people. From making them laugh to making them say “Aww,” create a well-planned design with a witty copy if you want to make your recipients laugh or a copy that comes off as sweet and sincere. Also think about what text you should put in front of the card and inside. Perfect phrasing of your messages throws an effective punch line or sentimental quote. A simple signature is enough to express that you’re sincere and you made time to sign the cards.

• Mind your greeting card etiquette. Be mindful of the words and images you use because not all people have the same values and humor. What may be funny to you may sound offensive to others so make sure to be always safe and put yourself in the shoes of the people who are going to read your greeting cards. It is better to be safe than sorry.

• Think outside the box. Don’t use cliché designs and copy. Sometimes, an original idea is all you need to hold the interest of the reader.

• Include a sincere and heartfelt message. Nothing beats a short and handwritten message included in a card to send across that you’re sincere in greeting those who will receive the card.

Practice these tips and you’re sure to have pretty-looking and emotion-inducing greeting cards. Remember to have it printed by a trusted printing company.