Grey Parakeets

There is a bit of science behind the grey color of parakeets or budgies. Something called “Grey factor” is involved. If a bird has that factor then the color grey appears in the bird’s feathers. Some parakeets will be a grey-green color if they have this grey factor. Birds that are mostly white in their basic color tend to show more of the grey in their feathers. With them, it’s more like a true grey. The grey birds seem to stand out well since most other parakeets are brighter colors. I suspect I might not be the only one who admires the grey coloring.

Parakeets come in many colors such as light blue,medium blue,turquoise,various greens, white,yellow, and also the grey. The grey colored birds are rather handsome-looking and seem to be elegant compared to their pretty,mardigras colored friends.s are very popular pets

You can find parakeets in almost any pet store and some breeders sell them through newspaper ads. It can be a great experience to visit a breeder and see all the birds there, which are usually kept in large aviaries. It’s beautiful to see budgies interacting in an aviary, where they have room to fly. Their busy-body antics can make you laugh. These little birds love all kinds of specialized toys and the company of others of their kind. They like to chatter a lot and are adorable birds.

I’ve had parakeets off and on as pets throughout my life. They are silly, happy little companions. They can be quite tame if they receive regular, gentle handling. It’s good care to let them have as large a cage as you can afford, because they are happier that way and can exercise too. It’s best if the cage is more horizontal in shape rather than verticle. I’ve had as many as 8 parakeets at a time in a large flight cage. They looked beautiful together. When I was a child my father raised parakeets in a backyard aviary. After I grew up, I adopted a pair of very young, hand-fed nest mates and they were really precious. One of my favorite colors of budgies or “keets” is grey. That color just looks lovely and rather formal. As if they are dressed up and wearing a little grey suit. See the videos below for more information about the colors of parakeets.