Grill Safety – An Ounce of Prevention for Safe Grilling

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There is no denying that grills aide us in producing and enjoying the best tasting foods. While this is true, grills also cause fire and damage when grilling safety measures are not followed.

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Before Using the Grill

Aside from preparing the main ingredient or meat and seasoning for the grill, make sure, too, that the grill is safe enough to be used. See to it that the propane tank is connected to the main grill and that there are no gas leaks. When charcoal is used as fuel, do not overuse the fluid starter for the coals. Put out your grilling mittens and grilling tools which will also serve as your safety tools while you grill. Aside from the mittens and tools, make it a point to have a bucket of water on hand and place it beside the grilling equipment. This will come in handy in cases of bigger than usual fire occurs in the grill. Positioning your grill in a safe distance from the house or any bush or shrub is also a good safety practice.

While Using the Grill

Because you are the one grilling, you have the responsibility to always stay by the grill when it is in use. Check if more charcoal is needed to create more heat and smoke. Flip the food being grilled in the suggested time to prevent it from getting burnen. For everyone’s safety, especially children, do your grilling at least a good ten feet away from the group. Keep children and pets away from the hot grill. They are the most susceptible ones to the dangers of grilling. Through the duration of your grilling, keep a “safety zone”. This will save you a lot of trouble and accident.

When more coal is needed for the fire, add more charcoal safely and securely. There is no need to add more starter fluid as the first batch of coal is already lit up. In case a fire has builds up in the grill, use your bucket of water to douse it. If the fire persists, close the lid immediately. Turn off the burners if you are using propane or gas grills. Turn off the tank, too. Stay calm and alert. Call the fire department if you or your group cannot manage the fire anymore.

After Using the Grill

Once you are finished grilling, make sure that fire from the charcoal is out. Use your bucket of water to help you kill the fire faster. For propane-powered grills, double check if the burner’s dial is turned off. Gas tanks should be tightly shut off, too, to prevent leaking. Keep children and pets away from the grill even after use. The grills are still hot.

Good food is enjoyed well when safety measures are followed before, during and after using grills.


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Grill Safety – An Ounce of Prevention for Safe Grilling, Seekyt
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