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Grow Your Business with Promotional Pens by Logozoom

There is nothing more appealing to consumers than getting something for free. Regardless if it is a tee shirt, a can opener, or a pen, the item gets plenty of use and stays with that recipient for a long time. Each time the pen is used, the printing with your branding on it will remind those people who and where they need to be shopping. Advertising specialties have long been popular at gaining customer loyalty and promoting good will, so now it is your turn to take advantage of this century old practice by getting your promotional pens by Logozoom.

The biggest benefit to giving away promotional pens is that they are very inexpensive to have printed. The pens are big enough to hold several lines of copy and your company logo as well. The printing is long lasting, often staying in place long after the ink runs out in the pen. The cost per pen is so small that you only need to retain one customer or get one new customer to pay for the entire printed lot of them. The pens come in a large assortment of colors and styles, allowing you to match your business colors with the pen, to create that connection that will easily make your business more identifiable to your potential customers.

There are several ways that you could give out the promotional pens. Rather than give them away to customers you already have in your store, consider attending local seminars or community events where the masses attend. Purchase a small booth and giveaway some information about your company with the complimentary pen. This way when the pen arrives at the customers home, they will easily be able to connect the information on the pen with the information you provided to the crowds. If the customer is even in need of your products or services, it will be simple for them to reach out and locate you now. The pens contain your address and telephone information for them to clearly see.

Giving away free pens helps to promote good will with potential buyers. When you give away something for free without looking for anything in return, you take off the pressure of the sale and allow that customer to decide in the future whether to do business with you or not. They will recall every time that they use the pen that you did provide them something for free, and your company appears to be professional enough for their business. The pens are a simple reminder that nudge the buyer when they are in a buying mode. If you are in the landscape business and a buyer needs work done, it is easier to remember your company over others in the phone book by looking at those pens.


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