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GT BMX Bikes

GT BMX bikes which stands for Gary Turner is not only the first but likewise one of the most unswerving bike companies around. With so many riders it has continuously made history. The legend began when Gary designed a bike for his son who wanted a bike. When people saw this amazing design of a bike everyone wanted one exactly like that. GT bikes have not only had a large selection of bikes but also other accessories both online and on local shops. These small wheelers are the best choice to acquire. With all areas covered from starters to pro they have bikes on sale for all riders and riding styles. Whether you are a fan of race, street, park or dirt you will be sure to find the bike you need in the GT bike stores. The company stocks the best brands with wide-ranging selections of Fit bike, Mongoose bike and Wethepeople bike just to mention a few.

Designs available

Despite the fact that GT BMX bikes lost most if not all of their appeal when they sold their company shares over to Pacific Cycle, they have so far recovered from the downturn hence increased their popularity under its present ownership. GT bikes quality has returned to what the modern buyers expect. Examples of new brands available are Vertigo, Pro Series and Performer among others. The house outdoor gears have the GT bikes on sale with amazing discounts of up to 40%. The latest GT designs being Compe GT bike, teal in color, has a price tag of $279.95 and tires of 20 inches wide. EL Centro GT bike is another good GT bike example being sold at $299.00 plus you get to save 16% off the original price. It usually comes in a mint color and 16 inch tire. Last but not least, we have the Fueler BMX; butter in color, has 20 inch tires and sold at $499.99

How to identify a GT bike?

GT BMX bikes originally got from the manufactures ought to have either its first three to four figures on serial numbers as letters abbreviating sizes or models of frames e.g XXL, XL. The other thing to take note of is the second portion of the serial number which must have eight numerical figures. First four being two cypher month then the other two being numerals for the year. Last four figures are a series of digits ranging between 9999 and 0000. IT depends on the amount of frames year production. If it’s manufactured overseas a good example being Taiwan it even gets much more complicated.

There are four companies involved here Dyno, Robison, Auburn and Powerlite. First four digits represent a letter of the designated company. A second letter should also be there to specify where the bike was assembled which is not always the case. Year of production and model are also coded by symbolic letters. You can note that this is contrary to the others where there is a two digit month and year for both.

Where to buy GT bikes?

With new designs being introduced each and every day to meet the quality expected by the buyers GT BMX bikes are sold in most of the online and local shops country wide. Online shoppers can therefore save their time by visiting sites such as and eBay for a more secure shopping. The shops not only have great offers on bikes but similarly on other motor racing accessories.

Therefore if you are really not sure which brand of BMX bike to purchase, taking a look at GT BMX bikes as it is certainly an idea worth giving thought to as they are indeed one of the finest BMX bikes in the market today.