Guide romance at work

Many men avoid dating female colleagues for fear of what will happen to work if the relationship turns sour. But a friend knows your suffering, your schedule and share some lunch. Why hesitate? It can work, just make sure you follow a few basic rules.

How to behave after a crazy night with your charming colleague?
According to a 2008 study, women are more likely to experience regret the “morning after”, especially if they feel that the first night will be the last.
How to manage? Do not change your attitude, doing the same valves before. If you had a good relationship before, show that it has not changed.

Manage gossip
Fear of gossip can sometimes nip in the bud a potential relationship, according to an attitude on behavior at work. However, 66% of respondents in this study stated that once involved in a relationship, they pay more attention to what people say it does.
How to manage? Timing is the key to success. “In view of the world as simply a drink after work efficiently transmit information to colleagues without triggering unnecessary controversies,” says Stephanie Losee, co-author Helaine Olen with a book on relationships job. “When the issue arrives, simply and spontaneously respond but without giving too much detail. ‘

And the boss in?
The boss must end by knowing everything. The best thing is he learns from you.
How to manage? “Use test “Meet the Parents,” says Daniel Pink, author of a career guide “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko”. If it is serious enough to present it to your parents, tell it as your boss. “Just say that you are open to discuss the subject and that this relationship will not affect your work. By cons, do not go together in the office of the boss, it’s childish.

Long as it lasts
Only a third of office romances leads to a relationship long lasting you. Do not be offended if it ends abruptly. React disproportionately on failure, and your office colleagues may well turn against you and take advantage of your ex.
How to manage? Do not spill your bitterness around the coffee machine. Keep your arguments for informal discussions after work. And do not ever, ever go on his nerves furniture business.