Guide to 15k training schedule

The ultimate 15k training schedule

One of the principles of this 15k training schedule program is that each training 15k training schedule the week has a specific purpose and rationale, always oriented to a single purpose: to you get to the finish of the marathon in the best shape possible. Sunday’s 15k training schedule is the most important during this phase of the program, and around this 15k training scheduled other 15k training schedule s. Pay special attention to the long 15k training schedule, which is what will allow you to get to the finish of the marathon. On Monday indicated total rest, since the previous day ran long distance. This day will Avoid jogging, and if you get used it, try to get some type of massage or make Special 15k training schedule s of stretching.

15k Training Schedule
Tuesday was devoted to an aerobic with running of 8 km as part of 15k training schedule which is part of the development of its resistance. Must be a 15k training schedule of running relaxed, which lets you feel the effort made but without the final exhaustion of the long run. In principle, you should get up without problem in the morning. On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 15k training schedule s are held active rest, the objective of 15k training schedule is to raise your heart rate to help their metabolic processes are kept to high level, but without causing any extraordinary fatigue.

Thursday’s 15k training schedule is active rest, but later in the program will be the second strong 15k training schedule of the program and will be used to strength training or speed, but that will follow. Friday schedule a non-aerobic 15k training schedule running, in order to maintain the effect aerobic, but leaving the rest to muscle groups that work in running. The key to this 15k training schedule is to prevent the legs support the weight of his body during the exercise, so for example, while you exercise on a bicycle, the bicycle is supporting the weight of your body while you swim, the water supports the weight of his body. For this reason, swimming or cycling are excellent alternatives for its meeting on Friday, when the weather permits. Sunday’s 15k training schedule is the most important of the week, and that there should be greater attention. Must be a fully aerobic training, during which you should avoid competing or exceeded during its development. You’ll notice the long 15k training schedule takes place every seven days, and increases its distance from the order of two kilometers between each 15k training schedule. It is important to be aware that increased one week to the other should be no more than 10 percent, to avoid falling into risk injury or overtraining. You’ll also notice that after reaching the 24 kilometers long 15k training schedule is scheduled for be run every 14 days, leaving a half long 15k training schedule on the weekend between.

The first phase of this training program is to develop the resistance that will reach the finish of the marathon, and within this phase is the most important 15k training schedule of the Sunday, the long 15k training schedule . To complete a marathon the first thing to do is ensure that you can run the full distance. Next will come the strength and speed 15k training schedule s to help you completed in less time, or to try to beat your buddy. For this reason the 15k training schedule s on Sunday become the most important of the week, and can be said that the remaining scheduled meetings are developed based on this. The long 15k training schedule indicated for Sunday, but you can make the day that suits you, but trying to run the other day under the base of the training pattern. It is important that the day before the long 15k training schedule is short, and it is important that the day after the long 15k training schedule of rest must be total. This will comply fully with the purpose of the program. The long 15k training schedule should be run in a step aerobics, ie, a step that allows you to talk while jogging, or else will be running too fast, which in many cases may be counterproductive to the purpose of this program and capacity development.
Running a step aerobics means jogging at an intensity of between 60 and 70 percent of its Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), remembering that your maximum heart rate (MHR) is to subtract your age from 220. For example, if you’re 40, your MHR is 180 (220 – 40), that is to be jogging an intensity that fluctuates between 110 and 125 beats per minute (60 to 70% of its RCM), which, although may seem a very gentle pace running is important to note that it must stay, and that way it meets the objectives of the 15k training schedule. Increase the intensity would be more negative than positive, as would because the Fatigue appears earlier, by not meeting the mileage indicated, exposing him to injury and preventing them from achieving the goal of the 15k training schedule . Each of the 15k training schedule s of this program has a specific objective, which can be resistance, strength, speed or recovery, and will have a specific emphasis depend on the phase of the program where we are. If the program tells you to run a certain distance to a certain step, make sure to do so. Remember, when training for the marathon ‘Better jog that lasts …’