Guide to Buying Used Cars Under $900 2012 – Advice Auction Dealers UK and US

It may seem like it would never be possible to be buying used cars under $900 but with a little bit of know how you can get the perfect vehicle for you. Cars under ten thousand dollars are easy to find but when you put a limit on yourself like finding cheap cars under $900 then things become more interesting and focused. But with eh right mindset and approach you can easily get a great and dependable vehicle for far cheaper then you thought possible. In this guide to buying cheap cars under $900 we will guide you through everything you need to know when searching for a bargain in the automotive marketplace.

What is Important When You Buy Used Vehicles?

Forget any of your cosmetic desires when trying for cheap cars under $900 because in order to get a high quality car in the important areas you are going to have to sacrifice on looks and extras. The important areas are an engine with a good service history, a well looked after transmission and a good drivetrain. These are the crucial parts for operation and they are also the most expensive parts to fix. A well looked after car should be fine in all of these areas and issues with these parts should make you suspicious of the car’s history. If you want to save more money you can also make sure you go for a car with good wheels, tires and brakes as these can be a bit pricey if they need replacing. However, they are not as crucial as the other areas of the car. Remember that while you can drive a car with no air conditioning, radio and with scratched paint, you cannot drive a car with a seized transmission.

Getting Cheap Toyota Cars Under $900 – The Toyota Corolla

One of the best cheap cars under $900 to get is the Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla is the most popular car on Earth and it has sold countless makes over the past decade. The Corolla by itself makes getting Cheap Toyota cars under $900 possible. If you want a relaible car that is likely still in good condition then this is the best car for you. In the unlikely scenario where you cannot get a Corolla then the next best choice for you will be getting used Hondas under $900, such as the Honda Civic.

Getting Cheap Used Hondas Under $900 – The Honda Civic

Getting used Honda cars under $900 is equally as possible as getting cheap Toyota cars under $900 as the Honda Civic is almost as popular as the Corolla. Buying used Hondas under $900 is possible for the same reasons it is possible to get cheap Toyota cars under $900 – because there is a high supply and demand and because the Civic is a reliable car built for families.

The Best places to Look for Cheap Cars Under $900

Buying through a private seller is always going to be the best option when buying a used car for the simple fact that private sellers do not have the running costs of automobile dealerships. one of the best ways to find these sellers is through classifieds as these are free to advertise in (keeping the overheads down). You can find classifieds in your local paper or community newsletter, trading magazines, and online on classifieds sites like Craigslist.

Cautions for Buying Used Cars Privately

You should always be cautious when buying used cars privately as the same protections aren’t there as with dealerships. You have no guarantee on the mechanical condition of the vehicle and there is a risk of debt being tied to the registration of the vehicle, which can result in it being repossessed without you being able to do anything about it. This is simply the drawbacks you have to face when saving money on a private purchase. There are things you can do to mitigate these risks, however, and the best one of these is having a mechanic inspect the vehicle and paperwork to make sure everything is in good order. You should be almost 100% sure of the purchase before doing this as it can cost a small fee. Even when buying used cars under $900 you should still be as careful as if it were a $9000 car.