News Guide to Cancun Nightlife

Guide to Cancun Nightlife


Having never been to Cancun or Mexico before I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to pubs, bars and clubs, but we were both blown away by the nightlife in the resort.

Here’s my guide to our favourite places:

Corona Bar
The name speaks for itself – although you can get other drinks, why would you want to? When in Mexico you have to drink Corona and lime, and this Corona themed bar is the perfect early evening hangout.

Guide to Cancun Nightlife

Senor Frogs
For casual fun Senor Frogs is the place to head. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and a bikini and denim cut offs are fine attire! Tequila and Margaritas are house specials, but I loved the froggi-tinis (especially apple flavour) and the ice cream drinks (chocolate mudslide – yum!).

The City
This club is blooming huge – the largest in Latin America, apparently! For $50 a ticket (with free bar) it’s pretty great value – a similar night out in Ibiza or even London would cost four times the amount! If you like popular music, R&B and live dance acts you’ll be in your element all night long!

Very popular, with an amazing light and lazer show, a night at Dady’O’s is a night to remember. Focuses more on the music (and bikini-clad dancers!) than live novelty acts (a la Coco Bongo) and is a great choice if you’re feeling energetic and want to dance the night away to music from the 80’s right through to now.
Opens at £10.30pm tickets from $35.

Coco Bongo’s
My favourite, and probably Cancun’s most popular, club, Coco Bongo provides an out of this world experience. A mix between a superclub and a Vegas cabaret show, you’ll find song and dance acts, acrobats and much more on any one given night.

The stage set really is spectacular. I’ve never been to Vegas but I imagine that Coco Bongo can’t be far off for the level of spectacle and the quality of acts. To give you an idea, you can find Kiss and Guns and Roses tributes, flying acrobats, acts from Phantom of the Opera, ‘Madonna’, ‘Frank Sinatra’ and ‘Beyonce’! Sure it can be a bit on the cheesy side at times but if you go with the flow you’re guaranteed to have a fun and memorable night.

Opens at 10.30pm and tickets cost between $40 and $50.
One handy tip that we picked up from our hotel concierge was to always ask which club the hotel buses are most fully booked for that night. Each of the big clubs has its most popular nights and your hotel can give you a great indication of where people are likely to be (and where’s likely to have the best atmosphere!).

We went to Cancun as a couple but, after seeing how brilliant the nightlife is, I’d love to go back with a group of friends. Best start working on the gang (and saving up!) for next year!

Guide to Cancun Nightlife
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