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Guide to Finding Online Lay-by Stores

Finding a reliable brand that offers purchasing through Lay-by is a tough job in itself, but when it comes to finding reliable online Layby stores, things just get tougher than they already are. The best thing about this method of payment is that it makes the process of planning things ahead of time easy, as well as the fact that unaffordable items are made affordable with no trouble through this method of payment.
Due to the fact that the trend of lay-by sales and purchases is making its way back in the market, there are a lot of stores that have now begun to offer lay-bys in store and online. Among the scammers that intend to rip you off, there are several lay-by stores online that offer a wide variety of products that might even seem unaffordable at the moment, both in the store and online.
Among every other mode of shopping, online shopping has always been treated as a blessing due to the fact that one is allowed to order products in the premises and comfort of their living room. Even though this mode involves a great deal of risks, unless of course you know and trust the store, online shopping has always been a favourite of customers.
Since the internet is filled with scammers, it can be risky business to decide upon a store to make lay-by purchases considering the fact that the item is not delivered until and unless the full amount is paid in instalments. However, not all online stores are untrustworthy nor do all have intentions to rip you off. In order to get you started, here are a few online lay-by stores that are reliable and offer good plans for your ease and comfort:
My LayBy
One of the most trusted online stores in Australia; My LayBy offers customers excellent and flexible payment plans that allow them to choose whichever payment period that suits them best. The duration for instalment payments ranges from 4 to 52 weeks. Along with the chance to switch all your instalments from one product to another before the final payment, My LayBy does not require a separate fee or deposit nor does it add interest rates to the total purchase price of the product. The online store also provides free delivery to its customers after the final payment is made, which saves you the hassle of going to the store to collect your item.
Whether you are setting up a nursery and planning ahead of time for the arrival of a new family member, or are shopping for an upcoming birthday for your kid, Babyco helps make paying for products easier by offering lay-bys both in store and online. With a payment term of six weeks for clothing items and three months for every other product, along with a deposit fee of 10%, Babyco never fails to impress with the wide variety of brands available in store and online. Delivery services through courier are provided throughout Australia.
So, these are a couple of options you can check out when it comes to lay-by stores online.

www.laybyland.com.au are an online shopping company that specialises in laybys. Not requiring the usual deposit, you can put your item on layby and pay it off in instalments. For as little as $11.50 per week you can purchase the latest iPad and have it delivered to your door at the end of your layby period.

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