Guide to Install Google Experience Launcher

The Google Experience Launcher might be new but is already becoming popular with Android device owners. Now that you can make changes using this technology to your home screen to enjoy more features and benefits. Additionally, it makes things easier and increases productivity. If you too want to learn more about it then, this guide will help you understand it all.

Google is always up to something new, especially when it comes to technology and network connections. This time it is all about the Google Experience Launcher that is designed to integrate Google Now. The Google launcher is designed to work with Android devices or to be more specific with Nexus 5 exclusively. However, it is not limited to one Android phone or tablet, you can use it on your other Android Smartphone and Android tablets. Now that you know a bit about it, the big question is installing it on your device, read the guidelines to install it on your Android device.

How to Install Experience Launcher

No matter what version of your Android device you are using, it is all about being able to use the technology. It is quite possible that the technology comes pre-installed on your device just like the Google Now. The code to the app is within the Google Search app. The app is a part of Google certification for Android devices, and it is configured to obtain automatic updates from Play Store. It is the default setting within the device with no user action.

When you go to the Google Search app, you will find the code for the launcher. The search version 3.1.8 is available, and the launcher is compatible with Android 4.1 and later. Note that if your device is not having Google Search app or Google Play then it will not be able to integrate it.
If you are using the Nexus 5 then the app integrated within the system, enables the working of the launcher. You will be able to launch and select it to add it to your home screen. If you want to do the same on other devices then, you need to apply the following steps:

• For users who own HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Nexus 4 will need to download enabler app using Nexus 5.

• Now reload the app in your existing Android device.

• Visit the that is available on the Android Police site, you can download the file on your desktop or your mobile device to be copied to another device.

• Disable the option of Unknown Sources for better security.

• When you have side loaded the APK file, go to the home screen to select the launcher. The launcher will now be your default launcher.

A word of caution: Even after performing the steps mentioned above the launcher might not work perfectly. The working of launcher is dependent upon the device that you are using and the Android OS version.

Using the Launcher

Using the launcher, you will discover that the home screen is available on almost any device. If you are using the Samsung Galaxy S4 then, you will require installing a custom ROM or else you will need to use Apex or Nova launcher for obtaining stock Android as your home screen.

When you use the launcher, it is always alert and attentive to your command. You just need to say Ok Google to initiate conversation or a voice command. However, remember to be on the home screen to be able to furnish the voice command.

The launcher includes the integration of Google Now that helps in utilizing the feature quickly. You need not launch a menu, but swipe left when you were on the home screen. Now with the launcher you need not wait for the search to appear or to find it elsewhere in the menu.

The best that you get of a launcher is its support for transparent status along with navigation bars. However, this works when you are running Android 4.4 KitKat.

If you are looking for Widgets then fret not, they are available when you long-press on the home screen background. The animation provided by launcher is faster than before.

All this explains a lot about using the launcher and installing it on other devices that support the relevant Android OS. It is all about making changes that enhance user experience without causing any burden. However, the way you use it in relation to apps is all up to you. The best part is that of being able to use Google Now without digging deep and waking it up with voice commands.