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Guidelines on Accessing cPanel/WHM Plus

There are pre-requisites that need to be followed upon deploying the cPanel/WHM Plus. The cPanel interface can be accessed on an SSL-free server, however, it is always wise to access the website on a secure connection; lest the critical business data and customer information can be easily hacked. So, what are the guidelines for implementing this website management tool? Read on to find out…

Original, Licensed cPanel/WHM Plus

Webmasters must ensure that they purchase the cPanel license. The free version of the license has limited capabilities and when you are looking to host several websites on the server, it is important the website and server management tool should be original.

Furthermore, the Internet Protocol (IP) should be licensed to use cPanel. In case of non-compliance, the software will fail to install and perform its function. The host server must be legitimate, and the ports to be used for accessing cPanel must operate within the server’s firewall. To align ports to the server, webmaster should use ‘iptables command’.

Tutorial is Important

Before uploading the cPanel/WHM Plus software on the server, the web masters must read the tutorial to avoid hassles later. It is mandatory to install cPanel on a clean server, and that means any pre-installed applications must first be removed before cPanel installation, else the software will fail to operate as desired.

What to do in case of pre-installed applications?

In case, alternative applications to cPanel are installed, it is suggested to utilize the reconstruct feature of the control panel that assists in imaging the server. In this way, webmasters can run both applications without hindrance. Installation of Perl is vital to run the cPanel installation.

cPanel/WHM Plus offers a secure connection

The port value utilized to make a connection with the remote servers; is through the internet protocol (IP) or via HTTPS on an SSL encrypted server.

The address of the host can be an IP address or a domain name of the website. When a website owner utilizes a website name to access cPanel/WHM Plus, it is mandatory that the domain’s DNS (Domain Name Server) knowledge has proliferated across the domain system.

A large number of websites that accessed by the protocol or https have obscured ports, which can be easily hacked. However, the cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) services use “numbered” ports. And, webmasters need to access a service through cPanel/WHM Plus must identify the port number regardless of the connection type, and this guarantees security.

When a website owner logs into the cPanel/WHM Plus server, a safety token is attached to the universal resource locator, automatically. This protection token is required for the licensed use of a website.

How to access cPanel/WHM Plus?

Before the webmaster can access the cPanel/WHM Plus with the domain name, the DNS information must proliferate. If access to cPanel fails, use your domain’s IP address instead. It is important to note that the website’s domain name takes up to 72 hours to come into effect. Once the domain name is alive, use it to navigate to your website and the cPanel interface.

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