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Guys, Impress Your Date With These Expert Home Cleaning Tips!


Guys, Impress Your Date With These Expert Home Cleaning Tips!Bachelor pads are generally very unwelcoming to guests, especially people of the fairer sex. Women are quickly turned off by grim and mess, so if you wish to impress your date, learn how to keep your house clean. Plus, know that women do talk about men’s apartments – try not to be the subject of their gossip!

What you need is some top tips to take your home from just reasonably tidy to sparkling clean. Even things can seem very simple can be given the expert treatment and the thing to remember is that little and often will make your home look great. It also means you won’t have to spend hour cleaning every other month!

Lets take it room by room….

Living Room

Usually this is the room that gets messy in seconds, especially when your friends have been round, but even when you’re just chilling out and watching TV. The motto of tiding or cleaning little and often definitely applies here.

This will save you having to spend hours tidying up on your day off. Make sure everything has a place and commit to clearing everything away each evening. Make sure the magazines are in the rack, the DVDs are back on the shelf and all rubbish thrown away!

This means that when you need to dusk and vacuum – usually once a week – you won’t have to tidy up first. Fabric chairs and curtains will accumulate dust and grim over time, so consider calling in professional upholstery cleaners every year for a spring clean.


A great way to instantly make your home feel suddenly cleaner is to dust your banisters and railings. People often forget about them, but it can have an amazing impact. Try to dust every month or two and don’t forget to vacuum your rugs or carpets in your hallway as well. Make sure you tidy away shoes and coats too – small details can make a massive difference!


The heart of the home, this is where you want to make sure you’re cleaning intensely as it’s not just about keeping the room looking good, it’s about hygiene too.

Wipe down surfaces with an antibacterial spray after you’ve been using any surfaces and try not to let the dishes pile up the side – this will only make a bigger job for you in the long run! Get a dishwasher if you’re really struggling to clean up each evening. Just make sure you’re washing a full load each time to make sure you’re not wasting water.

When it comes to making your hob and grill shine, there’s a huge range of products out there to make light work of a difficult job. You can also search YouTube to find natural products that can help you out, but the main thing is to remember that if you tackle your oven once a month, instead of once a year, the task will be a lot less daunting.

Twice a year, you should also empty out your cupboards and give them a good scrub. This will make your kitchen feel instantly cleaner and also gives you the chance to organise your food – you might even find a few things you forgot you had.


Another area of the home where it’s not just about making the room look good. Use a cleaning spray every time you get out of the shower to keep grout to a minimum.

Once a month, pour a small amount of bleach along the top tiles too. This will trickle in between the tiles and, after you’ve left it for an hour or so, it will be much easier to scrub away dirt and grime.

Throw away old shampoo bottles – recycling where possible – and buy a cabinet to hide away all your random cosmetics that can make your bathroom look cluttered – but bear in mind, guests can be nosy and will probably take a look inside!

Always open up a window after you’re had a bath or shower too. This stops condensation from collecting, which can start to make paint and wallpaper peal off and look shabby.


A tidy room not only looks great, it’s also an instant way to get a better night’s sleep after a great night! Make sure you always put your clothes and shoes away as soon as you change and change your sheets every week.

Whether they go back in the wardrobe or straight into the washing basket, just make sure they’re not left lying around. Always make your bed – you can even consult YouTube for tutorials on getting a hotel worthy finish – and dust every week or so.

Whatever tips you go with, just remember that little and often is always best. Spending a whole weekend tidying up is nobody’s idea of a good time and doing this will also mean you won’t have to go on a frantic clean up whenever an unexpected guest drops in!

Guys, Impress Your Date With These Expert Home Cleaning Tips!
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