Haier MWM0701TB 700-Watt Microwave Oven

haier mwm0701tbThe Haier MWM0701TB microwave features a compact size and 700 watts of power. So if you’re short on space, such as a small kitchen or in a dorm, this microwave is perfect for smaller living spaces and for those who don’t need a super powerful microwave that does more than you need. It’s also reasonable priced if you’re not looking to spend a large amount of money on a microwave. The controls give you access to ten cooking power settings and also the ability to defrost frozen foods. There are also eight settings for automatically cooking soup, popcorn, pizza and more. The dinner plate and beverage warming options can come in really handy too.

Like the majority of microwaves these days there is an option to add thirty seconds to cooking times with the press of a button. The timer, for timing items being baked in a regular oven or for letting cooked items cool is another useful and standard feature included with this microwave oven. This microwave also features a child-safety lock, a pull handle and is very easy to clean. Regardless of being on the lower end of microwave power the Haier MWM0701TB is still a great microwave for those who don’t mind waiting a little longer for foods to cook or reheat. In comparison it still beats a stove, if you have one, in terms of quicker cooking times.

Feature Overview:

700 watts of power in a compact size to easily fit nearly anyone.
2/3-cubic-foot capacity.
Soft-touch electronic controls with ten power settings and defrost.
Eight auto-cooking control menu settings for foods like popcorn, soup, potatoes and more.
Hot beverage heating option for heating coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and other hot beverages.
Option to add thirty seconds to cooking times, a timer and digital clock.
Child safety lock.
Easy to clean interior.
Size measures about 11.6 x 19-1/5 x 14-1/5 inches.
Includes a one-year limited warranty.