Hair Breakage Prevention

Hair breakage prevention is something that women, especially those with long hair, need to adhere to on a daily basis. Once you know what the cause of hair breakage is then you can do something about preventing it. So, the first task at hand is to think hard about how you may be abusing your hair. Most women do several things each day that is abusing their hair, whether they know it or not.

Here’s a list of possible offenders:

Blow dryer, curling iron, detangling, pulling, restless sleep, hair chemicals- perm /color, hair products, brushes, combs, rubber bands, hair ornaments (barrettes, bobby pins etc), braiding, curlers, hot rollers, sun, chlorine, hard water, well water, salt water, drugs- prescription or illegal and poor diet.

These are the most common reasons for hair breakage. Do you see any that pertain to you? If so, then you need to ask yourself how you can cut back, cut out or change the way you treat your hair. Let’s tackle these one at a time starting with the blow dryer and curling iron. Use both on lower heat settings and shampoo less often, so that there is less blow drying and curling and apply thermal protectant on the hair.

Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb slowly and never pull or jerk. Sleep on satin or silk pillowcases to avoid hair breakage as well as sleep wrinkles. Hair and face should be able to glide across the surface of the pillow and not get stuck. When you color or perm the hair use only hair products that are made for chemically treated hair.

Be particular about all types of hair products applied to the hair and brush with natural bristle brushes.

Be exceptionally careful when using any type of hair ornament or rubber bands, especially when taking them out. Braiding looks great, but causes hair breakage when braids are too tight or hair is not moisturized properly. Take care when removing curlers and hot rollers and roll them out instead of pulling or jerking. Too much sun dries hair out leaving it brittle and brittle hair breaks easily. Wear hats and scarves and apply hair sunscreen.

Chlorine damages hair quickly, especially when combined with the sun, so you need to remove it with Malibu hair products. The same goes for hard water, well water and salt water; Malibu hair products are the best way to manage them as well as remove them.

Certain drugs whether prescription or illegal affect the condition of the hair and in time can make it dry and brittle as can diet. Whatever you put in the body it shows up in the hair and skin. Therefore, it only makes sense to eat healthy and not take any drugs that aren’t necessary.

A good hair conditioner can make hair feel softer and look healthier no matter what, however, the repair is only on the surface. Hair conditioner coats the hair shaft smoothing it out and covering damage. It can also help prevent hair breakage by adding moisture making it less likely to break.

Hair breakage prevention can be a daunting task when you’re guilty of multiple types of hair mistreatment. If this describes you then it might be time to take hair care a little more seriously.

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