Hair Care: How to Updo Hairstyle Upside Down French Braid

My hair is long and thick; however, it is fine hair and not coarse. I like to use this upside down French braid method to secure my hair, since I do not use hairspray

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. It is also a very lovely variation of the French braid. The only real difference between a regular French braid and an upside down French braid is that you will be leaning forward with your head down to complete the braid and the updo.

Supplies you will need:

– Comb or Brush

– A scrunchie or other material covered hair band to secure the end of the braid

– Large bobby pins

Boar-Bristle Brushes


Step 1

While either standing or sitting you will bend or lean forward and move all your hair to the front of your head to create the upside down French braid. I prefer sitting so I do not fool around and fall over on my face.

Step 2

You will begin by combing or brushing out all the tangles and knots from your hair before you begin. This will help ensure a smoother movement while you are braiding as well as make for a much nicer updo hairstyle.

Step 3

After you have brushed or combed out any tangles and smoothed the hair, you will begin by placing your index fingers at the front top hairline and gather a section of hair from the front top of your head. You will then smooth the hair out, and then separate this section of hair into three separate smaller sections of hair to start your braid. This involves crossing the right section of hair over the middle section of hair, and then crossing the left section of hair over the middle section of hair in the same manner, as you would while using a traditional braiding method.

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Hold the right section of hair using your right hand, while holding the left section of hair while using your left hand. The middle section you can hold in either hand, between your thumb and one of your other fingers when you are French braiding your hair. Remember, while you are braiding your hair that you will need to pull the various sections of hair tightly in order to secure the hair and keep the braid together so that it is not falling loose in your hands or after you have completed this updo hairstyle.

Step 4

You will add a bit more hair from the right side of your head to add to the right section of hair. Cross this larger right section of hair over the middle section. The middle section will become the right side section and the larger right section will become the middle section.

Step 5

Add a bit more hair from the left side to the section of hair on left. Using the same method, cross this larger left section of hair over the middle section. The middle section has now become the left side section and the left section of hair has now become the middle section.

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Step 6

Step 6 involves repeating Step 4 and Step 5 until you have added all the hair of the head into the braid.

Step 7

After French braiding all, your hair and securing it with a small material covered elastic hair band, sit or stand in an upright, and then you will gently roll the end of the hair into a ball or fold and then tuck it into the middle of the braid in the front of your head. Secure it using the bobby pins.

* You may want to add some hair jewelry to create a romantic evening updo hairstyle after French braiding your hair upside down.