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Hair Care: The Fastest Way to Dry a Head Full of Long Thick Hair


When you are dealing with hair care and a head full of long thick hair, you literally have your hands full. This is especially true if you are trying to train it to be very much more than it already is. Whether it is long, thick, straight hair or long, thick, curly hair it is not easy to try to train the hair to do other than it pleases without a significant amount of work ,and that may be challenging. I finally decided to let my hair be natural rather than to fight nature.

While taking care of a head full of long thick hair it may take a bit more time to shampoo and rinse, unless of course you cut time by using a 2 in1 shampoo & conditioner. Finding a shampoo & conditioner that is best suited for your hair type is always best. Be sure to follow the directions while shampooing & conditioning your hair and then towel-dry your hair as much as possible.

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The fastest way to dry a head full of long, thick hair involves getting the hair as dry as you can while using a towel. I generally squeeze the water gently out of my hair by using my hands to do so. Then using a clean dry towel I will pat at my hair and then wrap the hair up into the dry towel. I may leave it like this for just a few minutes or if I am busy, I will let it stay a bit longer, according to the weather. If it is too hot or too cold, I do not leave the towel on for long, since it will either cause perspiration or chills.

I really do not prefer to use blow-dryers on my hair because I know and understand the damage that prolonged usage of such heating can have on the hair. Besides, I just do not care for using a blow dryer, unless I feel in a big rush to dry my hair and at those times I have been known to use the blow-dryer just long enough to dry the hair at the nape of my neck and just a bit more. I generally leave the top as it is too dry on its own.

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The fastest way to dry a head full of long, thick hair that I know of is that of removing the towel and then patting the hair a bit more to remove as much dampness as possible, especially around the ends. Drying the ends does seem to help reduce drying time as well as the probability of getting my blouse wet.

Next, I will comb my hair out and then separate it into one large section to twirl around it-self and then secure with a large hair clip. I then comb the hair on the bottom that is not included with the hair in the clip and allow it to dry or even almost become dry. After a while, I will then section off more hair to remove from the hair clip and comb it and then allow it to dry or even almost become dry. Once that middle section has become dryer, I will then release the rest of my hair from the hair clip to dry on its own.

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My own hair has grown to three feet in lengths, several different times. It is very thick, so much so that I have to make my own scrunchies to secure all my hair into a ponytail, since manufactured hair bows will only wrap around my hair two times, which is not secure because of the fullness of hair. When towel-dried and then left to dry on its own, my hair will take up to at least four hours to become completely dry. By sectioning off my hair as described, I find this to be the fastest way to dry a head full of long thick hair without the use of heating elements and fan-forced air.

(Yes, this is me, no makeup, showing off my long thick hair that may see a blowdryer once in a blue moon during the winter if it is too cold to not use the blowdryer.)


Hair Care: The Fastest Way to Dry a Head Full of Long Thick Hair
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