Hair Care: Why Rinsing with Cold Water is Better for Your Hair and Skin

Does anyone know how long the question of rinsing your hair with hot or cold water is better has been a consideration? Most likely, they never even considered it before the idea of heating water for bathing the body or shampooing the hair evolved and developed into what it is today. For instance, many ancient cultures simply made use of the local creeks or rivers to bath and wash their hair. The Romans are famous for their heated baths of course. However, perhaps the question of whether it is better to rinse your hair with cold or hot water came along with the inventions of water heaters and in-home plumbing.

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Everyone’s Hair is Different

Although, just about everyone has the ability to grow hair, not all hair is the same. Proper hair care will vary from one individual to another as well as from one culture of people to another; perhaps even within a specific culture there are variations of hair types and conditions. Therefore, it is in your best interest to find and use the proper hair care and skin care regimen for you. Other issues you should to address when you considering the health condition of your hair and skin relate to your personal daily consumption of food and drinks. Whether you realize it or not the things you eat and drink will influence the healthy condition of your hair as well as your skin.

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Where Can You find other Reliable Hair & Skin Care Information?

It would actually take a chapter or two of a Cosmetology book to explain fully the good reasoning behind what hot or cold water does for your hair and skin. However, in a nutshell, I am going to try to explain here in this short but informative article, why rinsing with cold water is better for your hair. By the way, I did learn this information while taking cosmetology courses, therefore the information I am passing on to you is sensible, sound and scientifically proven.If you are interested, you may want to search around for a local cosmetology training school. On the other hand, you may also be able to find an old cosmetology book at yard sales, library book sales, and even thrift stores. I have seen a few here and there. Since I have my own, I have no need for another, but figure if you are interested you may want to search for one of these training manuals as well. For that matter, if you have a local cosmetology school you may be able to visit with the teacher to find out if they have any old manuals to sale. These manuals are actually great resources for other beauty tricks, tips and information other than hair care, they are a good investment even if they are older editions.

Hot Water & Your Hair and Skin

We will begin with your hair with out getting to technical. Hair has various aspects of growing. The better hair care you provide for your hair the more beautiful and healthier it will become. Hair develops in a basic scale structure, which produces the cuticle, which under a microscope tend look like tiny ridges along each hair follicle. According to the exposure of the hair to different temperatures, the cuticles will stand open, or they will close down over the shaft of hair. Hot or warmer temperature will open the cuticles of the hair as well as the pores of the skin. Therefore, hot or warm water will open the hair cuticle for a good shampooing.

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According to your personal preferences for bathing or shampooing, you should choose the most comfortable hot water temperature you can stand to use. Use this warmer temperature to wash your hair. You can also give the hair a first rinse in these warmer temperatures. However, anytime you wash or rinse with warm to hot water and then stop with no cold rinse you leave your hair cuticles and skin pores open. When these cuticles and pores are open, they are susceptible to anything that comes along having an up close and personal influence on their condition. For instance, open skin pores provides open areas for dirt and debris to cause unwanted skin reactions. Open pores also encourage perspiration. When the hair cuticles are open, the hair shaft is wide open in much the same way.When you use a hot water rinse as a final hair rinse, your hair will appear to be dull and lifeless. Since the pores and cuticles are open, you may also experience oily hair and skin more often than not as well as other uncomfortable conditions.

Cold Water & Your Hair and Skin

Alternatively, cold water will cause the cuticles of the hair to close down over the shaft of hair. Cold water also closes the skin pores. What does this mean for you, your hair and your skin? It means that after bathing or shampooing with warmer temperatures, and then having a final cold rinse, your hair and skin are in a more natural condition. Your hair and skin are better able to protect itself from any harmful substances that may cause negative reactions since these areas are closed.The difference in hair that gets a final cold-water rinse is much shinier, softer and sleek. When your skin pores are closed, you perspire less, and experience less oily skin. After doing so, your hair and skin will be and appear beautifully healthy. Using a short cold-water rinse for your hair will make a big difference in your hair and the only way you will be able to know this for your self is to try it.