Hair Color Precautions and Preparation

Hair color precautions and preparation will help to ensure a safe and effective hair color experience. Sad to say, but many times when people do hair color at home for the first time it turns out to be a not so pleasant experience or maybe even a disaster. Hair color horror stories are all too common in the salon and in every day conversation. If you are considering home hair color for the first time then you need to keep reading and heed the advice given.

Safety is an issue when it comes to salon or home hair color. One of the first precautions you should take it to make sure that you are not allergic to the hair dye that you are about to use. You can do this by dabbing a bit of hair color in place on the skin that isn’t very noticeable and then wait to see what happens. Hair color is a chemical and can cause what is known as a chemical burn this is why you should always wear gloves when applying hair color, which is another precaution. Even if you don’t get a chemical burn the fingers and fingernails may get stained, especially when using dark shades of permanent hair color.

It’s also a good idea to put vaseline around the hairline and nape area to protect skin from getting stained. Wear old clothes and lay some type of covering on the surrounding floor area to protect it, hair color does not come out easily. Apply hair color carefully, but swiftly, starting at the hairline all around the head first and then at the roots with the middle to ends being last. Hair ends are more porous and may grab hair color faster and you don’t want this to happen.

As far as preparation goes make sure that hair is clean, the cleaner the better. A clarifying shampoo or Malibu treatment is ideal, as it helps hair color to last longer and take better. Any type of hair product left in hair may hinder penetration of hair color, rendering it ineffective. Do a strand test on hair in an area underneath to see what the color will look like. If you are doing hair color at home choose a hair color that is close to your own shade don’t try to do a high lift tint or you may end up with orange or brassy gold hair color. In other words, deposit color, but don’t try to lighten it.

Lastly, when doing home hair color buy it at the drugstore or beauty supply since hair color moves quickly off the shelves in these two places. Old hair color is bad hair color, so you want it to be fresh. These hair color precautions and preparation tips will help when you actually do them.

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