Hair Dryer Diffusers

A hair dryer diffusers main purpose is to diffuse forceful air that comes out of a blow dryer, so that hair will dry faster, but still look natural. Hair diffusers are also used on curly or wavy hair to control frizz while scrunching. These days many blow dryers come with diffuser attachments or you can still buy them separately. Hair diffusers come in a variety of sizes and shapes designed for different textures and lengths of hair. They work extremely well when combined with a good hair gel or mousse that will assist in holding the style once it’s finished. In fact, when you use a hair diffuser properly the style can last for several days.

There are three basic types of hair diffusers and for those who aren’t up to speed on what they are I’ll give a brief explanation. I’ll start with one of the most portable hair diffusers and that is the sock hair diffuser. This is a wonderful, and cheap I might add, hair diffuser that gets the job done. Keep in mind, however, that it is small and is best used on fine or short hair for optimal results. Then there is the standard hair diffuser with fingers, sometimes called prongs, they are excellent for thick or long hair as long as you use one that is large in circumference. The last diffuser is the adjustable hair diffuser that fits most all blow dryers.

When using hair dryer diffusers on fine hair always dry hair completely. Damp hair is heavy hair that pulls down curl and wave as it dries, leaving hair limp and lifeless. On the other hand, thick curly hair that needs taming does better when hair is left a little damp to keep it from getting the big hair look. You might notice that even when you use hair dryer diffusers, ends may look frizzy; an easy fix for this is to add a small amount of gel or mousse to them.

A hair diffuser is a handy hair styling tool that saves time and energy making it a very popular item when it comes to hair styling. If you want soft bouncy curls minus the frizz then a hair diffuser is the best way to do it. More on the Best Hair Dryers with Diffusers.