Hair Removal That Really Works

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Our body acts differently as we get older, and one of the causes of aging for some is excessive and unwanted body hair for men and women. This is especially the case with men, but women have this problem too. Finding hair removal products that really work can be difficult and very expensive. There are a lot of different hair removal creams, waxes, shavers, and laser hair removal products on the market. But what really works for hair removal? What works might be different with each individual, but there are many difficult methods, safe methods, that can help you remove unwanted body hair effectively without much pain.

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What Causes Unwanted Body Hair

The number one cause for unwanted body hair growth has everything to do with hormones. Testosterone affects body hair growth in certain parts of our bodies. On one case it might cause less hair growth, or inhibit hair growth on top of the head, but grow excessive amounts of hair on the body.

Men tend to have this problem more since they have much more androgens produced in the body, but women can have these problems too. Other diseases and health conditions also might contribute to excessive body hair growth as well.

There’s really nothing you can do to prevent it in most cases, unless its disease related. Our hormones change as we get older, and our bodies don’t react like they do when we’re younger. We all age and get older, but there are still effective ways to remove body hair and facial hair to improve your appearance.

Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

One of the reasons most people avoid hair removal creams is because they can be very painful for the skin. If you’re not a fan of the harmful waxing methods of removing body hair, then you should try Veet Hair Removal Gel. Why I think this method is harmless is because they include ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. These are very soothing to the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Before using be sure to read the instructions though. It’s not recommended for genital areas of the body, and should not be used on scars, moles, or broken skin. It will effectively remove body hair on the legs, arms, back, and bikini areas of the body. Both men and women can use this product. It should not be used on the face. It’s gotten a lot of positive feedback from customers on amazon.

Best Facial Hair Remover for Women

Peachy fuzz and unwanted facial hair is something many women suffer from. What we have here is called the R.E.M. Spring Facial Hair Remover. It’s very cheap and its the highest rated and reviewed facial hair remover product on amazon. It’s pretty simply to use and has gotten a lot of positive reviews of fantastic results from customers.

The only one downside from a few of the customers is that it does tend to hurt a bit when using. However, it doesn’t damage the skin, and its safe to use for those that have sensitive skin. Facial hair removal methods usually are a little painful, but overall it seems to be safe and effective product to try for women.

Body Hair Removal for Men

The Nair Nair for Men Body Hair Remover is made just for men, and is suited for the entire body. It will effectively remove body hair from the chest, arms, butt, and legs. It’s rather cheap and the number one selling body hair removal product for men on amazon. It’s one of the few dermatologist tested products for removing unwanted hair. It’s proven to keep hair from growing back much longer compared to just shaving. Most men seem to feel it works well. It benefits from keeping the skin smooth, and doesn’t cause much irritation when using consistently. A good alternative to shaving.

Permanent Hair Removal for Men and Women

There are a lot of mixed reviews when it comes to permanent hair removal creams, and sprays. However, there are two pretty highly rated permanent hair inhibitor products that you can try. The first one is called Nisim Kalo Post Epilating Spray. This product is a little cheaper to use. The method is that each time you use this spray the hair follicles will grow back thinner, and weaker than before. If you use it enough eventually you might not have hair grow back in certain areas of the body. It’s safe to use anywhere on the body that includes the face, bikini area, chest, and back for both men and women.

The next product is called Ultra Hair Away that will also inhibit unwanted body hair from re-growing back in places where its not wanted. This product is a bit more expensive. Whether these two products really work or not probably varies when it comes to permanently removing body hair. No cream product will remove it all once for good. So you’d probably need at least 3 months of using it consistently to tell if it gets the job done or not. Still cheap, safer, and a lot less painful to laser hair removal methods that can damage the skin for good.

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