Hair Styling Tips

The stylist:
Paul Labrecque’s three-step approach to healthy, shiny hair starts with the scalp and ends with a good, old-fashioned brush

At his full-service, serene salon—
frequented by Kyra Sedgewick, Trudie Styler, and Debra Winger—tucked away in Reebok’s supercharged Sports Club New York, Paul Labrecque sees dried-out, dull, and brittle hair on a daily basis. “Because we’re in a gym, we constantly see women who wash their hair two to three times a day between workouts,” he says. “All that washing is really bad for your hair. If you want any sort of shine at all, less is definitely more when it comes to shampooing.”

1. “I always recommend scalp treatments—first at the salon and then at home, repeated up to twice a week. That’s if your hair can take it—this treatment isn’t appropriate for fine hair that tends to be greasy.

• I begin by exfoliating the scalp, using peppermint essential oils and a scalp revitalizer—j.f. lazartigue’s Marine Mud is excellent—to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Excess dryness on the scalp can lead to blocked pores and sebaceous glands.

• Next, I massage an essential oil, like my new Lemongrass Oil or Leonor Greyl’s Palm Oil, through the hair to both regulate the amount of oil the sebaceous glands are releasing and to add additional oil to the hair. This changes the entire luster of the hair and lasts through several shampoos.


• While the oil is still on the hair, the client sits under a warm steamer—a completely relaxing experience.

• I wash out the oil with my Moisture Silk Shampoo—it removes the oil but also adds moisture back to the hair.

• The treatment ends with a cold rinse to seal the cuticle; a cold rinse makes the hair stay shinier anytime you shampoo.

2. “Washing your hair every day, unless it’s extremely oily, is a bad idea—it strips away hair’s essential oils. Conditioning is far more important than shampooing. Most people don’t allow their hair to get dirty and end up over-drying it, especially if it’s long. Often a simple conditioning and water rinse is enough to freshen hair between shampoos.

3. “Brushing several times a day keeps hair polished. It stimulates the scalp and brings oil down the entire hair shaft. I wouldn’t part with my Mason Pierson brush for anything.” •