Hairstyles trend for women

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Hair Styles For Different Face Type

Round Face – Round face people should never let hair fall on their forehead because It makes the face look even smaller. Your hair should fall flat beside your ear and is best if it is pulled behind the ears.

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Hairstyles for round face shapes:

You can try hair styles with fullness and height at the crown. Off center parts help reduce the roundness. By layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face, your round face shape will appear longer and narrower.
You should avoid these hairstyles for round face:
Medium length styles are not a wise choice for round faces; to elongate the face, the hair should continue past the chin or stop above the cheeks. Avoid these other style blunders if you wish to slim a round face:
Bobs are not recommended because they frequently emphasize cheeks.

Square Face Hair Styles

Square Face – The typical feature of a square face is strong jawline. The best hair style for this face cut is layers.

Square Face Short Hair Styles Cuts:

· If short hair is your favorite, go for a layered bob that grace above or below the jaw line with wave or roundness around the square face shape.

· Another great selection for the square hairstyle is a spiky, short haircut.

Square Face Long Hair Styles Cuts:

· If you are inclined toward long hair, try a long, sleek hair style with layers that start at the jaw line and stretch downward.

· The wispy bangs are bliss to this look, and can be worn in different ways.

Heart Shape – The typical feature of heart shape face is broad temples and cheekbones with narrow or pointed chin. The hair style for this type of face should be that which will add width to your jawline. If you really have your heart set on a short hairstyle, there are some options which are better than others when accommodating a heart-shaped face. If you create height at the top of your short hairstyle, you will then balance out your narrowed chin. If your hair is spiked upward, and you don’t have running across your forehead, you will create the illusion of “more face.” Therefore, you will successfully elongate your heart shaped face. You will absolutely want to avoid hairstyles which have bangs and hair flowing downward towards your ears and across your forehead. This will make your face appear wider than it already is.

Oval Face – This is the most ideal shape for a face. This shape can flaunt almost any type of hair style. Oval
Considered the most ideal and versatile facial shape by hair experts, many haircuts and styles suit an oval face. However, the best styles to go for are the ones that have layers at the height of you best features such as cheekbones, lips or chin. Short layers at the top of the head should be avoided as they make the face look longer, while ladies with an oval face and thick and curly hair should avoid blunt cut as it looks like a pyramid

Long hairstyles in 2011

Double Hair Knot: Double hair knot gives a lady a very casual and chic style. This is the best way to tie your hair if you are out on a picnic, kitty parties or an evening outing. You can carry this hair style with any kind of outfits.

Braided topknot

The top knot has been around for a few seasons but this isn’t your typical sleek and tidy top knot! The braided top knot still looks classy but in a more laid back, sexy bed head kind of way.
Unlike your typical Chanel style knot, the braided style doesn’t require fine and tidy flat edges…you can just plait your hair, tie it up in a bun and go!
For a more elaborate updo, just add a French braid or a few cornrows. I think I’ll definitely be giving this trend a go and I hope you all will too!

Bird’s nest bun

It may remain as a 2011 hairstyle trend for special event, despite the fact that it has the key element of all 2011 hair trends: an effortless look.

2011 Hair styles trends.

2011 short hairstyles

Waved bob

The waved bob hairstyle is one of the on-trend ways to style a longer bob in 2011.

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