Halle Berry’s Diet For Her Role in ”Die Another Day”

Can you imagine how long did it take for Halle to prepare herself for the role in the famous “Die another day” and to show her in a bikini. Although, she is always in an excellent shape, she took care her body to look perfect wearing her bikini so, she highlighted her waist and abs.
What does her personal coach say for Halle’s nutrition that she has practiced before the movie record?
She kept strictly to her vegetarian nutrition based on grainy food that controls the level of the blood sugar. She also consumed avocado, almonds, sesame seed, dark chocolate, lightly red and orange vegetables and other products rich in antioxidants, ginger and turmeric (an Asian herb). What she needed were protein that will help her in the muscles shaping during the hard trainings.
Actress favorite meals were misoshiru (a traditional Japanese miso soup), avocado sandwich (a bread without a starch), salad with an integral rice, vegetarian steak etc. But, she also enjoys the chocolate and in the meals she got chocolate sweets without a starch and low-calorie chocolate cake.
In order to keep vibrant during the movie recording, she ate in every two to three hours. Daily she took 1500 to 1800 calories. It includes five to six meals daily, plus soup or salad. If she felt hungry between the meals, her favorite snack was low-calorie peanut butter with dried fruits.
She had one month to get ready for the role, but if you have only a couple of days before holiday firstly, you should replace the meat with fish. With it you will reduce the food quantity that you eat and you will eat less. Half of your meal should be vegetables and the other half protein and carbohydrates.
Regarding the water you drink, the quantity should be doubled because it has a great importance for metabolism acceleration. Thanks to these three advices, Berry looks perfect in her bikini.