Halloween Candy: Better to be Safe than Sorry

Halloween treats rule

It is almost that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the air is getting colder, and every single store in America has thousands of bags of candy on display. Kids are counting down the days until they can dress up as scary monsters or beautiful princesses while you are dreading the day when your kids will gorge themselves on candy and end up getting sick. What your main focus should be though, is making sure the candy is safe.

Tricks with a side of treats

Halloween is a prime time for the crazy people out there to prey on innocent people. When you and your little one finally get home from a long night of soliciting candy from strangers, all you can think about is going to bed. Your child(ren) on the other hand have already devoured three chocolate bars and five packages of licorice without you even noticing. Making sure the candy is safe is the first thing you should do when you get home to ensure that nobody mistakenly eats tainted candy.

How do I make sure the candy is safe?

There are many signs to look for when looking for tampered with candy. First, and this should be pretty obvious, you should never eat candy that was unwrapped when you received it. The person may not have even tampered with it but do you know where their hands have been? I don’t think so. Anything like lumps, bulges, rips, loose or discolored wrapping should be a red flag, as well as any candy not in its original wrapper. Throw away any candy that seems to have been tampered with. If you are concerned about the rest of the candy, some hospitals offer free candy x-rays Halloween night and the next day to check for foreign objects.

Always check your candy!

What did we learn today? Always, always, always check your candy or anything else you receive on Halloween before it is consumed. Never eat anything if you aren’t sure what it is or it looks old or messed with. Halloween is supposed to be a fun time. The five extra minutes it takes to check the candy is worth it. It never hurts to be safe! Have a boo-tiful Halloween night!