Hamilton Beach 31100 Vs 31103: Comparing the 31103 and 31100

Hamilton Beach 31103 or 31100 – Which is Best for You?

The following account will compare two fairly similar (yet both incredibly popular) counter-top convection ovens from Hamilton Beach — 31103 Vs 31100 — through firstly providing a brief of both appliances & then going on with a concluding section to highlight their significant differences, you will be able to easily identify which is the best mode for you (with an appreciation of their respective price tags).

Hamilton Beach 31103 Overview

Cooking Features

The 31103 (priced over $100) is designed to sit on your kitchen work surface and offer you a variety of cooking & baking power. It has the capacity to fit up to ‘two 12 inch pizzas, 2 cake pans’, where as you can see from the image (on the right) it is integrated with two racks & also comes with a range of rotisserie attachments to offer you a whole range of cooking options.

The convection setting cooks quickly (much faster than traditional ovens) yet evenly as well as using up to ‘49% less energy than a typical kitchen oven’. Moreover, because the oven is made from smooth stainless (non-stick) steel it is very easy to clean and is designed for simple use with it being very clearly instructed. Further accessories include 2 baking pans (large enamel coated and a small one) and a broiler rack.

Specifications & Aspects

It features a cooking timer with auto shut-off (i.e it will turn itself off after no interactive use for 30 minutes), a temperature dial and function setting dial. You also have bake & broil settings with a 2 hour audible timer. You also get a manual with detailed instructions e.g. on how to roast beef, pork with the rotisserie directions (for instance the revolving rotissere where the meat self-bastes is able to fit a 5 lb chicken) and more for baking,cooking and convection baking.

Dimensions: 13 x 21 x 16.5 inches | Weight: 27.6 lbs | Rating: 78% (sourced amazon.com)

Hamilton Beach 31100 Overview

Cooking Features

A far cheaper model (at just around $60), makes the 31100 awesome value for money. Like the 31103, this oven is compact enough to sit on your counter-top but large enough to do some serious cooking & baking as well. A lot of the aspects remain the same such as being energy efficient, large enough for two 9′ x 13′ casseroles, is easy cleaning and comes with all the accessories specified above with the 31103 (e.g. pans & racks).

Specifications & Aspects

Moreover, the specifications are also similar with the temperature dial that can be adjusted to your desired temperature and function dial (with 4 settings: bake, broil, convection & rotisserie). The 31100 doesn’t however come in stainless steel, simply a black plastic based unit.

Dimensions: 13 x 21 x 16.5 inches | Weight: 27.6 lbs | Rating: 80% (sourced amazon.com)

What’s the Difference Between the 31103 and 31100?

So as you can see ultimately the only real difference between the 31100 and 31103 is the latter is made from silver stainless steel, this does in turn mean that it is easier to clean & maintain (having a longer life span), doesn’t harbor germs & also doesn’t interfere with food flavoring. It also does look a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the 31100 model too. Everything else is exactly the same.

For more information on the programmable slow cookers see hamiltonbeach.com.

Should You Buy the Hamilton Beach 31103 or 31100?

With a price difference of around $60 to $80 between the two — personally I would advise you to go for the 31103 simply because I know from my own experience stainless steel appliances (particularly large ones) always far out last ones made of plastics, so is worth that bit extra. Plus, it will just look better in your kitchen. But which counter-top oven will you buy and why?

Moreover, if you have any queries or concerns regarding either the comparison overview of the Hamilton Beach 31100 Vs 31103 then please make them below.