Hamilton Beach 33966 Vs 33967: Comparing the 33966 and 33967

Hamilton Beach 33966 or 33967 – Which is Best for You?

The following comparison account will contrast two extremely popular programmable set n’ forget slow cookers from Hamilton Beach — 33966 Vs 33967 — providing a brief overview of both & then going to highlight the main differences between them. This will in turn, give you a clear indication as to which cooker best suits your cooking preferences & needs.

Hamilton Beach 33966 Overview

Cooking Features

With this stainless steel set n’ forget six quart slow cooker (at around the $45 mark) you can program it to cook in three different ways: through the probe (so you can maintain the desired meat temp level & will give you constant readouts through the LCD panel of the temp whilst its cooking), manual (leave it on either low, medium or high with no timer — a traditional style) or through program (with a specified timer). Moreover, it utilizes a wraparound device that acts to perform a uniform cook for food, ensuring you a quality cook every-time.

Specifications & Aspects

The 33966 also has some additional benefits to making ‘life with a slow cooker’ easier such as the full grip handles to bring the cooker to parties, family & friends etc. Also, if there is a brief power cut, the 33966 will actually carry on cooking for a fair while. All of this and its backed by a one year warranty when bought new.

Dimensions: 16 x 10.4 x 16.1 inches | Weight: 8.6 lbs | Rating: 68% (sourced amazon.com)

Hamilton Beach 33967 Overview

Cooking Features

Now from first appearance the 33967 is the exact same |(yet is slightly more expensive at around just over $60) — it has the same 6 quart capacity (fitting up to a 6 lb chicken), same cooking programs e.g. the probe — and also has the keep warm setting ready for when you get back, is made from stainless steel. Comes with the same similar back lit design as the 33967 does.

Dimensions: 16 x 10.4 x 16.1 inches | Weight: 8 lbs | Rating: 84% (sourced amazon.com)

What’s the Difference Between the 33966 and 33967?

There does exist some subtle differences though — the 33967 has all the very same aspects, features and specifications as the 33966 does. However, it comes with some minor improvements which in turn explain the slight difference in price (of around $15 to $20) between the two. Firstly, the 33967 comes with a clip-in-the-lid ‘long handled spoon‘ which provides that obvious convenience of having a spoon handy ready to dish out hot food. Secondly, it has the secure fastened lid with wired clamps — so you are guaranteed not to make a mess of your clothes or car when you are transporting the food.

Should You Buy the Hamilton Beach 33966 or 33967?

I would say it basically depends on whether you will be cooking up food for family & friends and you’re willing to bring round food (and how often do you do it?) and also do you already have a long handled spoon? If yes and no, respectively to those questions above — go for the Hamilton Beach Set n’ forget 33967, however if you don’t think you will be taking your slow cooker out the house and you do have a long handled spoon you can save yourself a good few bucks & won’t be missing out on any vital features by going with the 33966. But which programmable slow cooker will you buy and why (let me know in the comments below)?

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