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Hamilton Beach 33967 Vs 33969: Comparing the 33967 and 33969

Hamilton Beach 33967 or 33969 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will quickly compare two very popular & well-regarded ‘set n’ forget’ slow cookers from Hamilton Beach — 33967 Vs 33969 — through providing a brief overview of each (so you can see exactly what they have to offer you) and then a section highlighting their differences from one another (allowing you to identify which appliance is best suited for your cooking).

Hamilton Beach 33967 Overview

Cooking Features

This 6 quart slow cooker (priced at just under $70) offers the utmost modern convenience where you can literally program it via the LED digital control panel (selecting from a choice of three cooking options: program, manual or probe). If you are particularly busy on some days, you can actually just program the cook time & the cooker will automatically ‘keep your food warm’ once the cooking is done.

If you are cooking meats you can stick the probe in to get the right temperature and again the cooker will automatically alter itself to maintain the desired temp once reached. It also incorporates the traditional slow cooking aspect, whereby you select either a high, mid or low temp without setting a specified time.

Specifications & Aspects

With the cooker you are provided with a thermometer probe that will constantly read out the temperature as it cooks — being displayed on the LED panel. The design is travel-friendly to ensure the contents is fully secured with the lid being ‘firmly’ sealed in place with use of wire clips for both handles. It even has a power interrupt protection that keeps the slower cooker working even during a power cut.

Dimensions: 16 x 10.4 x 16.1 inches | Weight: 16.8 lbs | Rating: 84% (sourced amazon.com)

Backed by a one year warranty coverage when bought new.

Hamilton Beach 33969 Overview

Cooking Features

As you may have noticed the 33969 and 33967 are actually very similar, although the 33969 is a bit cheaper (at under $60). Again, it has a 6 quart capacity that is able to ‘accommodate a 6 lb chicken or a 4 lb roast’ and is designed with the same cooking programs on board — program (set the timer), insert the meat probe (cooking your meat to the desired temp) as well as the manual (high, warm & low). Like the 33967 it also comes with the advanced thermometer probe so you can constantly keeps tabs on temperature through the display — which will also read out how long its been cooking for & what is the setting you have put it on.

Specifications & Aspects

You will see all the features are basically the same too — they have a blue LED back lit screen, with all the same options & settings are available. They are both easily transportable due to the wide full hand grips on either side and firmly sealed glass lid that is in place to keep food in it & not ending up all over the car or your clothes. Both slow cookers very much take on the ‘one-pot simplicity’ aspect — with wrap up to ensure your food is always evenly cooked. In terms of design, both are silver and have a dishwasher safe liner for easy cleaning.

Dimensions: 18 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches | Weight: 15 lbs | Rating: 86% (sourced amazon.com)

Likewise, the 33969 comes with a 1 year warranty on components and labor.

What’s the Difference Between the 33967 and 33969?

The only actual minor difference to be had between the two (everything else remains the same) is that the 33967 comes with a long handle spoon that is based (like snaps) within the lid — so that you can conveniently dish out food with it (hence they do have slightly different shaped lids as well). It also looks like the 33969 has been discontinued & the 33967 (i.e the 33969 except it comes with a spoon/lid) is the only model being produced now.

For more information on the programmable slow cookers see hamiltonbeach.com.

Should You Buy the Hamilton Beach 33967 or 33969?

It is the spoon lid with the 33967 which explains the slight difference in price of about $8 to $10. I would probably go for the 33967 as the spoon is definitely going to come in handy and be practical when you can’t find a decent sized spoon to dish out the food. But which Hamilton beach slow cooker will you buy and why?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison — 33967 vs 33969 — then please make them below (& if you’ve found this account useful please give it a like or share).

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