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Hamilton Beach 49983 Vs 49980: Comparing the 49983 and 49980

Hamilton Beach 49983 or 49980 – Which is Best for You?

This account will compare two very popular (particularly the 49980 model) although quite similar coffee makers from Hamilton Beach, in this contrasting guide — 49983 Vs 49980 — we will firstly provide a brief review of both appliances and then go on to pin-point these subtle differences. From this, you will then be able to easily identify which is the right coffee machine for you.

Hamilton Beach 49983 Overview

Brewing Features

Also known as the Hamilton Beach two-way flex brew coffee maker (priced at just under $90), it is designed for single serving & entertaining purposes (with a few friends or family members), being flexible to cater for a wide range of preferences. To use you can either go with coffee grounds or via a K-Cup pack to brew into your favorite mug (or in to the travel mug, up to 14 oz, that comes with it).

There are a wide range of brewing options from the 12 cup carafe full pot option (which is can be done 24 hours in advance) to a single serve 8 oz coffee — done within just 150 seconds.

Specifications & Aspects

The 49983 also looks the business and will fit in nicely into your kitchen (as you can see in the image just above). With regards to specifics: it has flexbrew technology for 14 oz of ground up coffee or a k cup, it can switch between regular and bold brew strength. It even has a 2 hour automatic non-use shut off to save you energy.

With regards to the warranty you are covered for 3 years when bought new.

Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.6 x 13.9 inches | Weight: 6.4 lbs | Rating: 80% (sourced amazon.com)

Hamilton Beach 49980z Overview

Brewing Features

This 49980 (aka the 49980z) is extremely popular mainly because it offers literally incredible value for money (being priced at just around the $80 mark). Like the 49983 it is a 12 cup coffee maker offering you to either brew a full glass carafe (for when guests come around) or single cup (for your morning fix) and is capable of ‘basic or premium-roast free coffee’. it uses either ground coffee that has been specially measured and filtered or through k cups — either way it provides the ‘perfect cup everytime’. You will also notice that the 49980 is made from durable & aesthetically pleasing stainless steel as opposed to black plastic.

Specifications & Aspects

Like the 49983, you can take advantage of its ‘programmable brew in advance‘ clock and timer (via its control panel interface) — allowing you to set your coffee drinking time 24 hours in advance. You can also select the brew strength of either ‘bold’ which offers a richer flavor or regular.

Other feature benefits include: its single serve side — which is basically a cup rest to fit varying mug & cup sizes as well as coming with a pod holder that snaps onto a brew basket to store soft k cup pods. You also get the 14 oz stainless steel travel mug, water level gauge.

Dimensions: 13.7 x 11.4 x 15.4 inches | Weight: 4.8 lbs | Rating: 88% (sourced amazon.com)

What’s the Difference Between the 49980 and 49983?

As you can see a lot of the main aspects remain pretty much identical; with each coming with the same set of additional accessories (travel mug etc.), offering identical advanced brewing program capabilities, capacity and brewing specifications. The only real significant difference to be had is that the 49980z comes in stainless steel which in turn does offer a variety of benefits (more durable, easy to clean and so on).

For more information on the programmable slow cookers see hamiltonbeach.com.

Should You Buy the Hamilton Beach 49983 or 49980?

Although, both are fantastic coffee makers & extremely well regarded by their owners, I think it is clear that you should go for the 49980 given that it is a bit cheaper (see amazon.com) and the fact that it comes in stainless steel whereas the 49983 comes in a plastic. But which coffee maker will you buy and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any queries or concerns with regards to the comparison — 49980 Vs 49983 — then please make them below (and if you have found the article useful please give it a like or share).

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