News Handbags fit for the Boardroom

Handbags fit for the Boardroom


When shopping for womens executive handbags, you need to put quite a bit of thought into exactly which bag to buy. It’s one of the things that is so important to get right to ensure you create the right image for yourself within the workplace. Think of it as part of your corporate outfit. If you’re wearing a smart suit and shoes you can really let yourself down by having the wrong type of bag on your arm.

Handbags fit for the Boardroom

As a successful businesswoman, you should think of yourself as a ‘brand’, and then think of what you wear as your ‘packaging’. You have to look the part to be credible and gain respect in the workplace, and your clothes and accessories will send hidden messages to everyone around. Make sure these are the ‘right’ messages.

Here are my four ‘C’s to think about when choosing your handbag:

Confidence. When you hold the bag and look in the mirror, it should make you feel confident and proud to carry it, so look for something of a good quality. It doesn’t necessarily have to be designer, but should look and feel sturdy and solid. Go for clean lines and a material that doesn’t look scruffy or will wear too easily. For a designer look at a fraction of the price try the London Office Tote inspired by the Hermes Birkin.

Colour. Dark colours are best if you’re in a blue chip firm, such as an investment bank, accountants or a law firm. You can’t go wrong with navy or jet black. If you’re working in a more creative type of business such as media or marketing, then it might be advantageous to show a little more of a creative side, and go for a bright red or orange colour. The OEM Office Tote is a great example as it comes in vibrant red, blue, gold and black colours.

Control. You need to give the impression that you mean ‘business’ and that everything is under control and organised. Short handles are best for this, as you’ll be more in control of your bag if it’s not swinging about when you walk. Also, you don’t want to be fumbling around in your bag for your Blackberry or a pen at a crucial moment in a client meeting, so pick something that has inside pockets for organising all your gadgets, or invest in a separate organiser insert that can hold everything you need. Inserts will also come in very handy for when you want to change over handbags quickly. Try the Sodial Handbag Pouch Bag from You may also want your bag to be big enough to carry around a laptop or notebook so you have all of your work tools to hand. The Samsonite Camelot Laptop Tote is just the job – reliable and sturdy.

Corporate: Your handbag should have a ‘corporate’ look about it, which translates as professional, stylish and understated. Avoid anything patent or highly embellished – you don’t want your bag to take ‘centre stage’ before you! Patent is a no-no, as is anything highly patterned or with the unnecessary clutter of tassels or key-rings hanging off it. However, some discrete metallic detailing, like a small padlock or gold corners, can work well and will finish off the look nicely. A lovely example of an understated and professional finish is the Hamilton Bag from Michael Kors.

Which style of womens executive handbags do you like the best?

Handbags fit for the Boardroom
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